Langston’s Laughs


There were these two guys (Frank and Earl) that crossed over the river from Kentucky to Ohio looking for work. They finally find a place of business and they fill out an application each. The manager approves their applications and informs them that they have to pass an oral test to be hired. With that said the manager leaves the room to get ready for the test. Frank, being the brighter of the two, turned to his friend and said, “Look, Earl, we both know you ain’t the brightest crayon in the box, so I’m going to take the test first and I’ll tell you the answers so we both get jobs.” Earl gives a “Yep, ok.”

So Frank goes in and the manager says, “This is a two question test if you pass you get the job.” Frank sits up straight and says, “Yes, sir.” “Ok, if I poked out your left eye, what would you be?” Frank replies, “Well, I’d be partly blind.” The manager marks down his answer and continues, “What would you be if I poked out the other eye?” Frank says, “I’d be totally blind.”

The manager shakes his hand and offers him the job. Frank runs back out to Earl, tells him to straighten his hat and says, “Ok, the answers are: partly blind and totally blind. Got it?” Earl answers, “Yep.” and heads in for his test.

The manager looks at him and says, Ok, if you pass this, you have the job. What would you be if I cut off your left ear?” Earl answered without a stutter, “I’d be partly blind.” The manager looks at him in disbelief, but continues,

“And what would you be if I cut off the other ear?” Earl says, “I’d be totally blind.”

The manager drops his clipboard and says, “You mean to tell me that if I cut off both your ears, you would be totally blind????” Earl blushes and says, “Yes sir, I wouldn’t have nuthin to hold my hat up off my eyes!”