Langston’s Laughs


One day I was at a fast food restaurant eating my lunch and watching others doing the same. Finally I noticed an older couple sitting over in the corner by themselves. The man was quietly watching his wife eat her lunch but he wasn’t eating anything. I kept watching them the whole time I was eating my lunch. The older gentleman just sat there patiently watching his wife eat her lunch. I had never seen any man that would come to a restaurant, sit with his wife at any age and watch her eat. So being the curious guy that I am, I had to go over to the couple’s table and say how impressed I was at the older gentleman’s actions. When I got to their table I introduced myself to them and then began to tell them how impressed I was to see the husband just sit and watch his wife eat. The husband looked up at me in amazement and said, “I’m just waiting on her to finish eating so I can use her teeth.”