Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County sheriff’s deputies investigated the following:


Jan. 23 – J.D. Sparkman and D. McQueen were dispatched to the vicinity of Three Bridge Rd. and Sitton Hill Rd. in response to a found vehicle. Merrill Young met them there and reported that his Jeep, which had been reported stolen, had been located at that site on the side of the road. A neighbor stated that he had seen two people, a WM and a WF, both wearing camo jackets, near the Jeep. The deputies followed footprints in the snow. They then located a Ford F-150 pickup, also listed as stolen, stuck in the mud. William Clement, WM, 24, 5’10″, 140 pounds, of Pendleton and Christian Johnson, WF, 28, 5′, 115 pounds, of Anderson, were arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.

Jan. 23 – D.McQueen responded to 213 S. Circle Dr. where Billy Merritt reported that he caught a white male riding a four wheeler on his property, and that the man had crashed through two fences, causing approximately $500 in damage. McQueen made contact with Billy Crane, WM,29, 6’3″, 200 pounds, blond/blue who smelled of alcohol and was unable to speak clearly.A search of Crane subsequent to his arrest revealed a small bag of marijuana. Crane was arrested for public disorderly conduct, malicious injury to property, and possession of marijuana.

Jan.24 – D. McQueen responded to the WalMart where he placed Brigham Young, WM, 30, 5’8″, 150 pounds, under arrest for attempting to steal three packs of steaks valued at $46.

Jan. 24 – P.D. Marter responded to the WalMart where he placed Muhamed Music, WM, 6′, 320 pounds, black/green, of Chicago, under arrest for stealing grooming products valued at $56.

Jan. 24 – D.McQueen was dispatched to the Best Western Hotel at 70 Kaylyn’s Way, where Dominick Craillie stated that someone had broken into his work truck and stolen two special purpose Stihl power saws, valued at $3000.


Jan. 22 – J.T. Smith responded to 101 Lee Dr. where he found Christine Botello and her son, name withheld by ACSO, burning newspapers in the grill to keep warm. According to Ms. Botello, her husband Orlando had urinated on her during an altercation, and when she fled the house, he locked her and her son out. Reports state Smith and Deputy C.L. Wilkinson made contact with the man, who was under the influence and uncooperative, and subsequently placed him under arrest for domestic violence.

Jan. 23 – C.L. Wilkinson and J.T. Smith were dispatched to 174 Moss Rock Dr. in response to a report of an active break-in. Upon arrival, they saw three white subjects. The complainant at the scene was pointing at them so they were detained and read their rights. They met the description of the subjects of several reports of suspicious people in the area just a couple of hours before. But they claimed they were just looking for a place to keep warm. A travel trailer owned by Joe Greer, who lived at that location, had the front door kicked open. Wilkinson had followed tracks in the snow from one of the previous reported sites and the tracks led to the scene of the trailer break-in. Due to the apparent involvement of the three subjects, Hannah Bowling, WF,27, 5’1″, 100 pounds, of Cherokee, NC; Daniel Bennett, WM, 27, 6’1″, 197 pounds; and Jeffrey Frady, WM, 30, 5’9″, 220 pounds, both from Pelzer, under arrest for breach of peace.