South Greenville Citizens to address landfill odors


The Southern Greenville County Citizens Group, (SGCCG) is holding a meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday night, Jan. 28 at Columbia Baptist Church, 11321 Augusta Rd., Honea Path, SC, 29654, to discuss the noxious odors emanating from the Twin Chimneys landfill, 11075 Augusta Rd, Honea Path. This is the second meeting the group has held to discuss the issue. The first meeting held on Jan. 19 was a planning session and 65 residents attended.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the putrid odors that have permeated the neighboring homes around the landfill, resulting in health issues, loss of property values and the serious degradation of the quality of life that residents in Southern Greenville County have worked so hard to achieve.

The putrid odors have been noticed at times from as far as 15 miles away. Within five miles of the landfill, these odors dominate the atmosphere several days a week.

Residents living closer than five miles have such a strong odor inside their homes, they have to burn candles to counteract a smell that has been compared to a combination of vomit, sewage and raw offal.

Marsha Papin, Director of the landfill operations will speak at the meeting. Also in attendance will be State Representative Eric Beddingfield and staff members from DHEC. County Councilman Lynn Ballard is also planning to attend.

 “While the landfill has been in operation for years, the stench has gotten away from the management and has now reached a point where it is unbearable to the citizens,” a SGCCG spokesperson said.

Steps to rectify this situation will be discussed.

Columbia Baptist Church is located next to the landfill.