Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Due to restrictions in the way the Anderson County Sheriff’s incident reports are being made available, The Journal only received reports for Feb. 5-6. Reports from the previous week were unavailable. Among incidents reported were the following:

EASLEY – Feb. 5 – D.A. Hammond received a telephone complaint from April Lovern, of 118 Cely Rd. who reported that someone had stolen the battery from her car. The loss was estimated at $100.

Feb. 7 – J.T. Hunt responded to a report of a domestic incident at 101 Sun Chase Dr. where he encountered Keith Huffman, WM, 40, 5’8″, 190 pounds. According to reports, Huffman was heavily intoxicated and was placed in custody. His wife, Kasey Moyers,WF, 39, reported that during an argument, he had slapped her with an open hand. He was transported to ACDC on a charge of second degree criminal domestic violence.


Feb. 5 – J.T. Smith responded to a 911 hangup call at an incident location. Upon arrival, he made contact with a female and her daughter, who served as translator. The female stated that her husband had grabbed her by the shirt front during an argument. The husband, described as very intoxicated, denied the allegation. The two women were given the address of a shelter where they could spend the night. The case was to be presented to a magistrate.

Feb. 5 – Sgt. A.R. Hyslop, of the 10th Circuit ACE team, used a confidential informant to make an illegal purchase of beer at the Shell Station at Hwy. 8 and I-85. A summons was issued to the clerk to appear in court.

Feb. 6 – D. McQueen responded to the Pelzer rescue squad building at 125 Hwy. 20, where he enountered Dean Bruce, WM, 49 6’1″, 180 pounds, brn/blue. Bruce had thrown a rock through the front door because, he said, he was having chest pains and no one would answer the door. He also stated that he had been drinking for the last three days. A female paramedic, name and description withheld by the ACSO, was struck in the thigh by the rock. Bruce, after being transported to the ER and released, was transported to ACDC and charged with public disorderly conduct, malicious damage to property and assault and battery third degree.


Feb 5 – S.S. Barnes responded to 21 Santee Drive, where Kevin Markley reported hearing noises outside his residence and looked out in time to see a white male smash the window of his truck and steal a black computer from the back seat. The suspect’s car was a black mid 90s Honda, possibly an accord. The loss was estimated at $51.

Feb. 5 – M.G. Davis was dispatched to 25 Saluda Dr. where Jack Singleton reported the theft of various hand tools from the toolbox in the bed of his truck. The loss was estimated at $301.


Feb. 5 – D.A. Hammond responded to 114 Winfield Rd. where Steven Hardy Sr. reported the theft of two Verizon tablets from his home. The loss was estimated at $200.

Feb. 6 – M.G. Davis went to the Williamston Police Department where he met with someone who stated that her juvenile daughter had informed her that she had been sexually assaulted the previous night in the home. DSS became involved and decided that the two juvenile females in the home should stay with their parents and the accused third party should leave. He was so informed at a neutral site, and agreed to remove himself and have no contact until further notice.

Feb. 6 – A.L. Gary responded to 130 Hemlock Dr. where Cody Dalrymple reported the theft of his 1992 Toyota Pickup, valued at $3500. Te truck was unlocked and the keys in the floorboard.