Twin Chimneys Community Forum Mar. 10


On Twin Chimneys Landfill

Twin Chimneys Community Forum will have a follow up meeting concerning management of noxious odors emanating from the Twin Chimneys landfill. The forum will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 10 at Columbia Baptist Church, 11321 Augusta Rd., Honea Path. The public is invited. The meeting will be moderated by Hal Gaymon, chairman of the Twin Chimneys Community Forum steering committee. Speaking will be representatives from the landfill management team, representatives from DHEC and Greenville County Councilman Lynn Ballard.

Steering committee member Tom Stitt will be introducing the interactive website developed for the Twin Chimneys Community Forum. That website can be found online at This website will be operational imminently.

Issues to be discussed are:

Odor – including the four sources for landfill odor and their management practices including:

– Methane gas containing Hydrogen Sulfides (the rotten egg smell) emitted from rotting trash

– Leachate from liquids accumulating at the bottom of the trash cells

– The odor of the trash itself

– Sewage sludge being hauled into the landfill

Also Health Concerns, Visibility of Mounds of Trash, Environmental Concerns, Traffic, Litter from Trash Trucks and Property Values of surrounding land owners, and how each of the items to be discussed affect these values.