Greenville County Schools operating budget to increase $39 million


Highlights for the Greenville County Schools Budget 2016-17 as of May 18:

The Total Operating Budget for fiscal year 2017 is $575,956,000, compared to $536,676,000 for fiscal year 2016. There is no proposed tax increase. Two major sources for revenue increase are growth and an increase in the base student cost: There has been a sustained trend of higher millage value and corresponding property tax revenue due to growth. Also the State Superintendent of Education recommended and the SC House and Senate have approved a significantly higher base student cost of $2350 for FY17 compared to $2220 in FY16. The increase for Greenville County Schools (GSO) is projected at $12 million.

Expenditures of Interest:

The Greenville County School District is adding personnel including:

13.5 FTE added in Special Education because of growth and inclusion classes and 10 FTE Special Education teachers/aides for bus ride time reduction which puts additional classes closer to students and decreases time spent on bus.

Growth in student population will add $2.25 million to the budget for teachers and other support staff. District officials are projecting 500 additional students.

Additional clerical support is also needed for growing schools resulting in an additional $2.04 million for 51 FTE.

Recognizing the crucial importance of students reading on grade level by the end of second grade, the District plans to add 33.5 FTE Elementary Reading Interventionists at an expense of $2.19 million.

The budget allows for partial restoration of cuts to supply budget in FY08 amounting to $292,000.

Personalized learning will add $451,000, part of a multi-year combination of funding sources and implementation, funds to be used for devices and for employee training.

The budget includes a five percent pay increase for all employees on salary schedule and a bus driver salary modification, which increases hourly rate and allows drivers to move faster along the salary schedule, necessary to hire and retain qualified drivers.

The addition of fourteen High School Athletic Directors (14 FTE positions) allow all high schools to have a full time athletic director.

The Greenville County School District is providing additional financial resources for extra-curricular transportation, athletic field maintenance, gym floors and band uniforms.