Budget work session rescheduled


The Williamston Town Council budget work session set for Tuesday night (June 21) has been rescheduled to Thursday June 23, 2016 at 7 p.m. due to the death of Tommy Walker, who played a vital role in the Town of Williamston and served as the town’s first fire chief.

During their regular monthly meeting last Monday (June 13), Council tabled second reading on the 2016-17 budget due to last minute changes presented prior to the meeting. The requested changes restricted the transfer of appropriations between line items for salaries and any transfers greater than $10,000 between line items or departments.

A number of other budget amendments were included in the budget recommendations, most related to the Envision Williamston program and Hospitality Tax funding. Among those was removing Main Street Challenge funding of $10,000 and reallocating to a Message Board; remove Art Murals funding of $3000 and appropriate that amount to the Depot Matchng Funds; decrease Howdy Day funding from $2,500 to $500 and reallocate $1,000 to Depot Matching Funds and $1000 to Walmart Strategy (banners);

The proposal also recommended decreasing the Admin salary budget by $45,000 and transfer that amount to the street department; place two limb grinders on a government deals auction site and place any proceeds into the purchase of a front-end-loader tractor.

Also reduce Community Support line item from $8,000 to $3,000 and reallocate $5000 to nuisance abatement.

Another recommendation was to reflect rental income of $6,000 from the Palmetto Cultural Arts Center for May and June of this year and allocate those funds to the General Fund Contingency.

Council approved first reading on the budget in May. The General Fund Budget shows revenues and expenses of $2,967,373. The Water Fund budget is $931,300. The Sewer Fund budget is $968,000.

See actual budget numbers as approved on first reading:

Williamston approves first reading on $2.95 million budget