Easley man arrested for auto theft


Less than 12 hours after jail release

By Stan Welch

A twenty three year old Easley man was out of jail for less than twelve hours Monday before being taken into custody for grand larceny auto theft. Alan Jacob Gunter, WM, six feet tall, weighing one hundred sixty pounds, was taken into custody at the Power Trac 5 convenience store on Highway 88 in Central. The incident began at approximately twenty after five Monday evening.

Adding insult to injury, Gunter was captured by the owners of the Honda Odyssey he stole from a medical rehabilitation facility on James Mattison Road.

The owners of the car, whose identities were not made available, pursued Gunter in another vehicle, apparently without his knowledge. When he stopped at the convenience store, they confronted him and held him at gunpoint until Anderson county deputies arrived.

Gunter, whose listed address is 115 Pearson Terrace Drive in Easley, had been released from Pickens County jail earlier in the day after being charged with carjacking and impersonating a law enforcement officer.