Driver not injured


A Williamston man escaped injury when the Chevy pick up truck he was driving ended up on the sidewalk between a pole and sign in front of Riggins Garment Care on East Main Street last week. According to reports the vehicle also ran over a fire hydrant, ground meters and struck the a power pole. Damage to the vehicle was estimated at $4000. Other damages including the fire hydrant amounted to another $4500. Williamston Fire Chief Steve Ellison said the hydrant was a newer model which has an automatic cutoff to prevent water from spewing out if the hydrant is damaged. He said the hydrant was a new one because the location has been the site of a number of accidents in the past. The driver, Douglas E. Nelson, 73, 209 Briar Ridge Court, Williamston was issued a summons for driving too fast for conditions in connection with the accident.