Man charged with DUI after vehicle overturns


On Williams Street last week

Williamston officers were dispatched to a traffic accident on Williams Street last week in which a black Impala was flipped upside down. According to reports an unresponsive male subject was lying on the ground beside the vehicle. A passenger in the vehicle, Shamar St. John appoached officers and stated he was the front seat pasenger and did not need EMS. A person who resides in front of the scene told officers he saw another occupant of the vehicle run down to Cleveland Street after the vehicle overturned.

When that person (Stephon St. John) returned to the scene, he was identified as the diver of the vehicle. Another witness stated that Stephon St. John threw something into her bushes on Cleveland Street and into a neighbor’s bushes. A Bud Light Platinum bottle was found in the bushes by officers. A Corona bottle was found in the neighbor’s bushes. Blunt wrappers were also observed beside theoverturned vehicle.

EMS arrived and transported a backseat passanger, Avery Acker to Greenville Hospital.

After speaking with officers, St. John admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana before the collision occurred. He alsostated that he swerved to miss a squirrel in the roadway and that caused the vehcile to hit several trees and overturn. After SC Highway Patrol was called and assisted with administering field sobriety tests and a BA test, St. John was placed under arrested for driving under the influence and was transported to ACDC without incident. M. Beeman investigated

A photo of the overturned vehicle