Envision Williamston ready to move foward


After a ten month long planning project conducted in conjunction with Arnett Muldrow and Associates, the Envision Williamston program is now ready to launch several new projects, according to Envision Williamston Executive Director Sonya Crandall. Williamston Town Council recently approved funding in the Town’s Annual Budget for several Envision Williamston economic and community development projects.

“In this first year of implementation, Envision Williamston received funding for a variety of economic and coummunity development initiatives,” Crandall said.

Among the items being funded are:

(1) An Electronic Message Board, full color (Promotions and Marketing)

(2) A Main Street Challenge, to be matched 2:1 with outside funds (Economic Development)

(3) Downtown Banners, to complement the electronic message board (Beautification)

(4) Community Activities, such as a public spaces clean-up day and a youth-oriented murals project (Community Engagement)

“The Envision Williamston Board wishes to thank the entire Town Council membership for their unanimous support,” Crandall said. “Our special thanjks go out to Mayor Mack Durham, Councilman Tony Hagood, Councilman Rockey Burgess, Councilman David Harvell and Councilman Otis Scott. We appreciate their dedicated leadership in making these projects possible for the Town. They are all our Economic Development Champions.”

Private funding is also being sought to help support the Economic Development Placemaking Committee’s innovation “Adopt a Rest Stop” Project, Crandall said.

For additional information contact Crandall at 864-650-7075 or sonyacew@gmail.com.

“These projects will help us begin the first implementation phase of the Community Master Plan,” Crandall said.

For more information on Envision Williamston go to www.envisionwilliamston.com.