Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported working on the following projects across Anderson County:

Building and Codes

PERMITS SUBMITTED: 6 New Single-Family Dwellings and 3 Addition-Renovation; 4 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 3 Pool; 2 Demolition; 8 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 4 Commercial, Including: Burger King on Liberty Hwy, Piedmont Grill Interior Up-Fit, HVAC Replacement at Anderson Station, Verizon Electrical Upgrade; 7 Mobile Homes including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.

DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: O’Reilly Auto Parts Renovation in Pendleton, Verizon Electrical Upgrade and Various resubmittals.

August Stats:

o   Revenue down 6% Compared to August 2015 ($87,324.80 to $82,293.00)

o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits Up 65% Compared to August 2015 (43 to 71).

o   Total of 813 permits/transactions – Up 36% Compared to August 2015 (599): 202 Building, 207 Electrical, 132 Plumbing, 129 HVAC, 88 Mobile Homes, 13 Demolition, 0 Moving, 42 Miscellaneous.

Development Standards


o   Waves Car Wash located on Highway 153 at the old Sonic Drive-In Restaurant.

o   Highway 153 New Commercial Office Project located on Wall Street, Piedmont.

o   Glen Raven Solar Farm located at Glen Raven Industries.

o   Verizon Wireless new Cellular Tower located on Furman Gambrell Road, Anderson.


o   New Horizon Electrical Cooperative.


o   Smith Farms Subdivision

o   Topsail Bay Subdivision

o   Pennington Farms Subdivision

o   Shiloh Falls Subdivision

o   Wyatt’s Grant Subdivision

August Stats:

o   Land Use Permits, 135

o   Septic Tank Permits, 31

o   Individual Plats, 58

o   Commercial Up-fits-, 5

o   Subdivisions, 4

o   Compliance Issues, 5


Review was conducted and application for NPDES coverage was made for Solar Farm.

Reviews were conducted for Spinx – Store #135, and W.S. Lee Steam Station – PNG Easement Parcel Clearing.

Resubmittals for Cook Dental Office and Town Creek Network to Westlake 100kV Upgrade were received.

August Stats:

o   New Applications: 7

o   Resubmittals: 7

o   Reviews: 15

o   Pre-cons/Approvals: 5

o   Permit Terminations: 4

o   Major Modifications Approved: 4

o   Inspections: 47 sediment/erosion control, 1 post-construction, 0 county facility & 0 industrial stormwater.


Working with county staff and engineers to seek funding for future wastewater projects.

Performed 6 residential sewer tap inspections this week: 1 in the Rivendell subdivision, 2 in the Arbors @ Cobbs Glenn, 2 in the Three Bridges subdivision and 1 in the Enclave @ Airy Springs.

Performed air test on the new 8 inch gravity sewer at Richey Place in Powdersville. All testing passed.

Attended a Pre-Construction bid meeting with contractors at the Leeward Landing pump station this week. This pump station will be refurbished with new submersible pumps, electrical panels, and pipe work. The existing pump station was installed in the mid 80’s.

We are sampling for our 1st set of monthly samples at 6&20 WWTP for September.

Replaced air filters on blowers at 6&20 WWTP.  The blowers supply air for our treatment system.

ROW crew installed a gate on the 5-mile line near Loblolly Pines Subdivision. This gate should keep out trespassers.

Downloaded data from the flow monitors in Powdersville. Flow monitors will remain in place to determine if repairs made to collection system have reduced Inflow and Infiltration during rain events.

The CCTV crew continues to inspect the gravity lines in Powdersville this week.

Submitted final permit to operate for 5-mile Phase I.

Completed annual pump station inspection at Stonehaven.