Planning Commission, ACOG working on Comprehensive Plan


For Williamston

Members of the Town of Williamston Planning Commission met with Chip Bentley of the Appalachian Council of Governments (ACOG) to review and begin work on a Comprehensive Plan for the town. A draft Comprehensive Plan prepared by the town’s planning commission and ACOG was presented to the town in January of 2008 but was not officially implemented.

The draft plan helped identify goals and provide guidance for long-term development of Williamston. The plan includes an Existing Land Use Map, Future Land Use Map and updated Comprehensive Plan. Scope of the study includes economy, housing, natural resources, cultural resources, transportation, community facitlities and land use.

Williamston Mayor Mack Durham said the Town Planning Commission and ACOG are in the process of updating the comprehensive plan and providing funding for infrastructure projects that are identified.