Williamston Police Report


Oct. 25 – Sav-Way, 309 East Main St,. Williamston reported a gas drive off in which a customer brought in a SC ID card to hold while he pumped $27 in gas and left without paying. The suspect is a regular customer and is expected to come back and pay for the gas and get his identification. E. Bonnett investigated.

Oct. 25 – Chon Paul Maness, 40, 224 Dana Dr., Williamston reported lending a moped to a 50-year-old female with a Belton address which had not been returned. After contacting the suspect, the moped was located at a relatives house. No arrests were made. M. Roberts, E. Bonnett investigated.

Oct. 26 – Katelyn Marie Taylor, 18, 416 Belton Dr,. #C-4 reported a burglary in which a Playstation Four with one controller and four games was stolen. The items were valued at $800. There was no sign of forced entry. B. K. Creel investigated.

Oct. 27 – Michael Isaiah Valentine, 23, 201 E. Carolina St., Williamston was issued a citation for simple possession of marijuana after officers were dispatched to 11 West Caroline St. in reference to suspected drug activity. When officers arrived, Valentine and two others were on the patio. According to reports, Valentine picked up a red object and rushed into the residence. Upon investigation the red object and marijuana that Valentine took from the patio was found inside a washing machine near the back door. Valentine was issued a citation and court date. E. Bonnett, B. K. Creel investigated.

Oct. 27 – After being dispatched to 307 E. Carolina St., in reference to a disturbance, Melissa Davenport Crowder, 47, 309 E. Carolina St,.was arrested for an outstanding bench warrant with Anderson County for failure to appear. T. L. Eichelberger investigated.

Oct. 29 – Ken Cooley, 30 East. Main St., reported two pumpkins taken from his Halloween display in front of the barbershop. The items were valued at $20. E. Bonnett, M. Roberts investigated.

Oct. 29 – Officers responded to 2 West Fourth St., in reference to an assault and threats to law enforcement. According to reports four people were in the residence and a verbal altercation between Phillip Marshall Hughey and Tony Randal McJunkin resulted in McJunkin taking a swing and Hughey fighting back. McJunkin could not be located. Officers were to contact Judge Lollis regaridng a warrant. for assault and battery. The incident remains under investigation. M. Roberts, E. Bonnett investigated.

Oct. 29 – Holly Marie Owings, 32, 3009 Cambridge Rd., Anderson was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawfyl carrying of a fire arm after a vehicle was observed on Anderson Drive with the bright lights on. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.

Oct. 30 – Tara Pryntess Hays, 32, 151 Brookside Circle, Belton was arrested for outstanding warrant and trespass notice after a silver Toyota Solara was observed in the parking lot at McDonalds with the windows fogged over.. According to reports officers had prior calls that there were people sleeping inside the car. Hays was arrested for two outstanding warrants in Williamston. Hays and Elijah Stathers were placed on trespass notice for 4 West Main. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.

Oct. 30 – Chase Alexander Parker, 17, 101 E. Main St., Williamston and Alexis Patterson, no additional info, were issued a summons for public disorderly conduct after a white Chevrolet Blazer was observed parked in the traffic circle of Heritage Lane. E. Bonnett, M. Roberts investigated.

Oct. 31 – David Benjamin Guthrie, 41, 153 North St., Williamston, was arrested for criminal domestic violence after officers were dispatched to the address in reference to a domestic situation. According to reports the female victim stated her boyfriend struck her in the face several times and restricted her from leaving. After being transported to WPD for paperwork, Guthrie stated he felt suicidal. EMS responded and transported him to Anderson Area Medical Center for treatment. A warrant was being sought for DV2. B. K. Creel, Z. T. Parks investigated.