Williamston Police Report


Williamston police officers investigated shoplifting, fights, people were living in a residence with no power or water connection and an accident in Mineral Spring Park in which a vehicle accidentally struck a display and power pole causing $1500 in damage. These and other incidents investigated during the Thanksgiving holiday period included the following:

Nov. 15 – Williamston officers responded to 203 Williams Street Ext. in reference to a suspicious object on the front porch. According to reports, April Dawn Hufflin, 37, reported she found the object and had no idea where it came from and that they had concerns about touching it and the object being on the front porch. The object appeared to be a small propane tank and it appeared empty. The object was removed from the porch. M. Roberts investigated.

Nov. 15 – Dustin Tyler Marett, 21, 800 Monitor Dr., Anderson was arrested for operating an uninsured vehicle after a gold color Honda was observed pulling from the Hardees parking lot in an unsafe manner revving the engine and making a quick and abrupt left turn in traffic. The front windshield was also cracked and obstructing the driver’s view. He was issued a warning for the cracked windshield and manner of driving. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.

Nov. 16 – Raymond Walker Hood, 68, 601 S. Hamilton St., Williamston reported blue air compressor valued at $300 missing from his carport. E. bonnett, M. Roberts investigated.

Nov. 16 – Annie Ruth Chastain, 73, 4 W 2nd St., Williamston and Sandy Gainey, 37, 16 W 2nd St., Williamston were both placed on trespass notice for each other’s property after officers were dispatched in reference to a disturbance, which according to reports had been ongoing for some time. E. Bonnett, M. Roberts investigated.

Nov. 17 – Officers were dispatched to 19 Parker St., in reference to an unknown disturbance. Upon investigation officers found Raderick Lee Gosnell, 22, of the same address, at the residence. Gosnell had been placed on trespass notice for the location about a week earlier. The case was to be presented to a judge for a warrant. E. Bonnett, M. Roberts investigated.

Nov. 17 – Officers responded to 19 Parker St., in reference to a larceny. According to reports a laptop balonging to Jennifer Dawn Gosnell, 40 of 19 Parker St. was reported missing from a closet in the residence. The laptop was valued at $150. M. Roberts, E. Bonnett investigated.

Nov. 18 – Jordan Christine Beasley, 18, 203 Jalan Dr., Williamston was arrested for shoplifting a pair of bedroom slippers valued at $24 from Goody’s. Beasley and Alexander Scroggs, no additional information, were also placed on trespass notice from Ace Hardware.

According to reports, the pair were observed walking into Ace Hardware and aroused suspicion because they were glancing back at a police officer several times. While in the store Beasley was observed wearing a pair of very new bedroom slippers and on video removing items from a backpack and placing them on a shelf. After obtaining a warrant, Beasley was arrested and transported to ACDC. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.

Nov. 18 – Phillip Marshall Hughey, 28, 2 W 4th St., Williamston was arrested for assault and battery after officers responded to 1 E 4th St. in reference to a fight in progress. According to reports Hughey and two others were involved in a fight which started when Hughey came home and started yelling because people were in the yard at 203 Williams Street. Reports state Hughey picked up part of a cement block and threw it at William Adams III and Williams Adams Jr.

Hughey was written two UTtickets for assault and battery 3rd degree and placed under arrest. He became irate and resisted arrest while being placed in the police car for transport to ACDC. Sgt. L. E. Mulz, K. Anthony investigated.

Nov. 21 – Linda Spence Bryant, 70, 225 Parker Rd., Pelzer reported checks written on a closed account. The checks were written at 17 Pelzer Ave. on July 5. M. Beeman investigated.

Nov. 21 – Employees of Dollar General, 526 West Main St. Williamston reported a suspicious person appeared to be staying/living on the property. According to reports a propane burner and attachment was found on the side of the building near the rear. No description of the subject was available at the time. M. Roberts investigated.

Nov. 22 – Officers investigated a report of a motorcycle riding up and down the roads near Anderson Drive and Walton Drive, at a high rate of speed and popping wheelies behind vehicles.

According to reports, the officer observed a white male on a black sports bike riding identified as Michael Lee Sammons driving the bike with no helmet. When officers attempted to make contact, Sammons turned right on to Virginia Drive and onto Belton Drive at excessive speeds. The chase was terminated at Ragsdale Street.

After running his license results showed three convictions for driving under suspension within the last five years and a conviction for habitual offender wth a suspension ending in 2017. Judge Lollis was to be contacted to obtain a warrant for driving under suspension, habitual offender and failure to stop for a blue light. Sgt. L. W. Mulz investigated.

Nov. 23 – Melissa Ferguson, 30, 2 Black St,. Williamston was placed under arrest for two outstanding warrants with Anderson City Police after officers responded to 2 Black St. in reference to a possible trespasser.

James Walter Bowman III, 28, 2 Black St,. Williamston was arrested for an active bench warrant with Anderson Police Departmen during the same incident. T. L. Eichelberger, K. Anthony investigated.

Nov. 25 – Jonnie Ellen Algrifolle, 60, 10 Sunset Ct., Williamston reported someone breaking in the back door of the residence with a pick-axe. According to reports the victim stated her ex, Eugene Garrett was seen at the door with the pick axe and wearing long gloves. There was a large hole in the wooden back door and the pick axe was in the open carport. Damage was estimated at $400. A warrant for malicious damage was to be sought. Z. T. Parks investigted.

Nov. 25 – Officers investigated a hit and run incident in which a pickup went into the yard at 131 Davis St,. and hit a small tree, hit the carport cover and crashing into a red and white Ford F-150. The residents were not home at the time. Witnesses stated the suspect was driving a Dodge pickup truck with SC tag KHV346. The driver was a white male with short hair, blondish beard, big hole earring, approximately 180 pounds and about six feet tall. The vehicle tag was listed to an address in Greenville County. Estimated damage was valued at $3,100. E. Bonnett, M. Roberts investigated.

Nov. 26 – Officers responded to a civil disturbance at 209 East Carolina St., in Williamston. Several people appeared to be in a verbal dispute in the yard and on the front porch. No arrests were made. M. Roberts, E. Bonnett investigated.

Nov. 27 – Officers investigated a domestic dispute at 14 West Caroline St. in Williamston. No arrests were made. E. Bonnett, M Roberts investigated.

Nov. 27 – Nina Marie Richey, 28, 209 Gaphill Rd., Anderson was issued a summons for living in a residence in town limits without a connection to water and power after officers were dispatched to 803 Tripp Street. Richey stated she had keys to the residence and has been staying there for a few days.

While investigating, a white older model car pulled up in the yard. It was determined the driver, Jonathan Gillespie had a suspended driver’s license and two warrants out of Anderson County. Gillespie was issued a citation for driving under suspension. Richey was issued a UTT for connection to town water required. An ACSO deputy responded and took possession of Gillespie. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.

Nov. 27 – While on the scene at 803 Tripp St., officers were advised a white male ran from the location into the woods. After clearing the call at 803 Tripp St., officers were advised that Nina Richey and her boyfriend, Joshua Michael Deese were walking up Stone Street. Deese and Rickey were observed on Whilden St. Deese was instructed to go to the front of the police vehicle but took off running toward S. Hamilton St. and to the railroad tracks. Officers were speak with a judge to obtain warrants for failure to accompany. Sgt. L. E. Mulz, R. Drennon investigated.

Nov. 28 – Officers investigated an incident in Mineral Spring Park in which a SUV accidentally struck a Christmas display and a power post/box. The post with electric outlets and cement around it was pulled out of the ground and damaged. The driver, Jennifer Lynne Caldwell of Belton stated she had parked the vehicle to look at Christmas lights but had left the engine running. Her young son climbed over the seat and struck the gear shifter with his foot causing the vehicle to go into gear. Damage was estimated at $1500. B. K. Creel investigated.