West Pelzer, Pelzer continue to explore options


By Stan Welch

A spirit of cooperation between two towns that have been traditional rivals continues to grow,as the mayors of Pelzer and West Pelzer continue to meet to explore further opportunities to work together.

West Pelzer Mayor Blake Sanders, speaking to the Journal in a telephone interview, said that both towns are interested in developing additional partnerships that will allow them to work together to achieve common goals, such as a three party partnership with ReWa concerning the towns’ water and sewer needs. The two mayors will discuss entering into a feasibility study with ReWa later this week.

“Mayor McGregor and I will be meeting at the end of the week to discuss primarily those challenges and needs. There are other areas we are exploring as well, such as eventual police protection for Pelzer, although that issue seems to have receded somewhat while Pelzer works to establish their tax base and their corporate presence.”

“It isn’t easy to expand a traditionally very small town by six hundred per cent, virtually overnight. But Mayor McGregor and his town Council are working extremely hard to deal with the issues that face them; issues that would face anyone attempting what they are attempting. So whenever a cooperative effort offers promise, it only makes sense for both of us to consider it. It is both refreshing and promising to see this growing spirit of cooperation between us.”

Mayor Sanders also told the Journal that the former Boots and Thelma’s restaurant will reopen under new ownership, and under the new name Milltown Place on January 15. The restaurant will continue to serve basically as a meat and three restaurant with sandwiches and other dishes as well.

Two more businesses are expected to open within the next two months or so, said Sanders, who declined to provide any other details at this time.