Coal ash removal trucks to use secondary route


Hwy. 8 to I-85Due to SCDOT construction on Hwy. 25, outbound Waste Management trucks leaving the W.S. Lee Steam Station enroute to a landfill in Georgia will be using a secondary route on Hwy. 8 for the next several weeks.
The route, which was used in August, will take the Waste Management trucks hauling coal ash from the Lee Steam site to Homer Georgia through Pelzer and West Pelzer on Hwy. 8.

Duke Energy officials say the secondary route is safer for drivers and the community while construction is being done on Hwy. 25.
The temporary route for outgoing trucks leaving the W. S. Lee Steam area is: turning left on Lee Steam Plant Road, taking a left on Holland Ford Road, left again on Highway 8 and continuing on to I-85 South.
According to Duke, warning signage will be placed at the intersection of Holland Ford Road and Lee Steam Plant Road. A traffic officer will also be stationed at the intersection of Holland Ford Road and Hwy. 8 to alert drivers to the trucks.
Drivers on Lee Steam Plant Road should also note that work has begun to remove coal ash from a secondary ash fill basin located across the street from the current removal site.
Both sites are located in close proximity to the road, the original Lee Steam Station and the new Combined Cycle plant now under construction, making the area even more congested.
Trucks will now be entering the roadway from both sides of Lee Steam Plant Road.