Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:
Feb. 10 – R.T. Duncan responded to the WalMart store at 11410 Anderson Rd., where he apprehended Vinson Jordan, WM, 44, 6’1″, 156 pounds, black/brn, of Easley. Jordan had two Batman watches concealed on his person, and he was issued a citation for shoplifting.

Feb. 12 – R.T. Duncan responded to 111 Smith Farm Way in reference to a stolen vehicle. Ciji Mickens reported the theft of a rented Cadillac XTS, which she had left unlocked with the keys in it overnight. The vehicle was equipped with the OnStar service, which was contacted and began tracking the vehicle. Duncan relocated to the area where the vehicle was being tracked, along River Road. At that same general time, Deputy M.T. Szymanki, who was just off duty and headed home, heard the radio traffic and responded to the Percival Rd. location provided by OnStar.
As he turned onto Percival Road and approached the vehicle, a white male who was going through the car, saw him and fled on foot. More deputies arrived and K. Evatt started his bloodhound on a track of the suspect. Subsequently, Devin Hawkins, WM, 19, 5’10″, 140 pounds, brn/brn was apprehended and taken into custody.
Feb. 11 – R.T. Duncan responded to the motel at 70 Kaylyn’s Way, where Kevin Saunders and Jack Barker, both employees of United Technical, of Ohio reported that their work vans had been broken into. Another guest at the motel, Didi Critchlow, reported that someone had keyed her car, causing approximately $200 in damage.
Feb 12 – J.D. Brown received a telephone report from Dianna Johnson of 104 Brentwood Circle that she had been riding with a friend, name and description withheld by ACSO, and had placed her handgun in the vehicle’s glove compartment. She forgot to retrieve it when she returned home. When she missed the gun, she called her friend who told her it was stolen from his car. The loss was estimated at approximately $200.
Feb. 12 – J.J. Pearson was dispatched to 104 Lilly Maid Dr. where Roger Banister reported that two vehicles at his home had been entered and a SCDL and a blue tooth device valued at $100 had been taken.
Feb. 11 – K.S. Looney responded to the motel at 411 Alliance Parkway where Gregorio Camba, of Conyers, GA reported that someone had damaged his work van while trying to gain entry. The damage was estimated at $150.
Feb. 12 – M.W. Crump responded to 105 Pierce Road where Robert Harnois reported that someone had damaged the Budget Rental vehicle he was using by breaking out a window, and causing $200 in damages.