Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway across the county:
Building and Codes
PERMITS SUBMITTED: 35 New Single-Family Dwelling and 6 Addition-Renovation; 15 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 5 Swimming Pools; 2 Replacement; 15 Demolition; 165 for Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 14 Commercial Including: Sanders Storage Building, Hwy 187 Storage P Expansion,

Stop-A-Minit Store # 38 Up-Fit, Great Clips Up-Fit, Goodwill Interior Remodel, Sign for Waves Car Wash, Electrical to Existing sign for Electrolux, Steamex Office Sign; 24 Mobile home
DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Sign for Comfort Inn Suites, Cora Health Up-Fit located off Hwy 153, Dollar General in Pelzer, Ingles Remodel off of Hwy 81, Ingles Remodel off of Hwy 24 & Whitehall Rd, McDonald’s remodel off Hwy 86, New Prospect Baptist Church Garage, Pioneer WTP Pump Station located in Townville, Steamex Sign located in Pendleton, Waves Car Wash Sign located off Hwy 153 and Various resubmittals
January Stats:
o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits Up 24% Compared to January 2016 (51 to 63)
o   Revenue up 45% Compared to January 2016 ($62,329.90 to $90,314.80)
o   Total of 1,071 permits/transactions – Up 84% Compared to January 2016 (581): 173 Building, 556 Electrical, 100 Plumbing, 113 HVAC, 65 Mobile Homes, 23 Demolition, 0 Moving, 41 Miscellaneous
Development Standards
§  Board of Zoning Appeals met on Thursday February 9, 2017 at 5:00pm and approved the following Special Exceptions. Both were approved by a unanimous vote. There was no opposition: Anderson Career Center located at 702 Belton Highway, Williamston; and Belton Honea Path High School Expansion located at BHP Highway, Honea Path.
§  Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on February 14, 2017 at 6:00pm to hear a land use permit for a proposed RV Park located on Clearwater Shores@ Ledford Farm Road.
§  Dominion Senior Assisted Living located at Highway 81 @ Hub Drive.
§  Anderson Career Conference Center located at 702 Belton Highway, Williamston.
§  Wright Elementary School Expansion.
§  Ingles expansion located at Highway 24 and Highway 81-New Starbucks Coffee.
§  Cook Dental located on Highway 86 Piedmont.
§  Brookstone Meadows Clubhouse/Pool
§  Three Bridges Performance Bond $91,000
§  Duke Energy Performance Bond $101,000 WS Lee Steam Station for landscaping completion.
§  Community Bible Church located at 8005 Highway 81N, Anderson.
§  Oreilly Automotive located on Highway 153 (Revision)
January Stats:
o   Land Use Permits, 130
o   Septic Tank Permits 49
o   Individual Plats, 42
o   Solar Panels, 13
o   Commercial Up fits, 6

Roads & Bridges
Two more employees left R&B this week to work with two different local contractors: one had over 8 years with us, the other had just over 4 years; both were great employees. We now have a total of 10 vacancies: (2)-Sr. Equipment operators, (4)-CDL truck drivers, (2)-Equipment operator, (1)-Foreman, (1)-Crew Leader. We have had to suspend large box culvert projects scheduled for 2017-2018 budget year and combine other crews until more personnel can be hired and trained. We aren’t receiving any applications with equipment operator experience.
Grading Crew started a two-week project to replace a failing 48″ cross-over pipe on Stage Coach Road. It will be replaced with a new 48″ concrete pipe. The crew also dressed up Stone Drive after our asphalt crew placed the new patch over a newly installed cross-over pipe.
Sign crew closed Stage Couch Road for the cross-over project and continued with daily work requests.
Bridge crew repaired damaged guardrails on Parker Road in Honea Path area and started a project at the Civic Center, building a cross-over in an existing earth island.
Ditching crew dug tree roots out of Amberwood Drive (the roots had taken 80% of the roadway) and continued working on their ditching work requests.
Asphalt crew patched potholes and installed new driveway aprons all week.
Hollow Cored Slabs bid for Shiloh Church Road West Bridge Replacement was opened on February 2nd, 2017. The contract was awarded to the low bidder, Florence Concrete Products, for the total of $48,224.15.
On-call crew received 1 after-hours call-out for a total of 2 man-hours: dead animals dumped in roadway over the weekend.
·        Have 1 vacant Stormwater Inspector position. Currently accepting applications and interviewing.
·        The Broadway Dam Repair project is progressing. The trees marked for removal have been cut, and the water in the outlet area is being pumped out to prepare it for the installation of the new pipe section foundations.
·        As requested by a member of County Council, costs were obtained from a local environmental firm to test surface water and well water for the presence of gasoline constituents. The collection and analysis of 2 water samples would cost $660. The collection cost is $390 and the analysis cost is $270.
·        Received new application for Dominion Senior Living of Anderson SC.
·        Reviewed Bronson Ridge, Easley Approved Major Modification for Brookstone Clubhouse and Pool.
·        Highway Dollar General, Highway 81 Storage Building,
·        January Stats:
o   New Applications: 3
o   Resubmittals: 9
o   Reviews Completed: 9
o   Pre-cons/Approvals: 1
o   Terminations: 0
o   Inspections: 59 sediment/erosion control, 0 post-construction, 0 county facility & 0 industrial stormwater
Solid Waste
·        Shred Day is scheduled for February 18, 2017 from 10:00am until 1:00pm at the Balloon Launch Field at the Anderson County Sports and Entertainment Center. 
·        “The Great Anderson County Cleanup” will be held on March 25, 2017 from 8am until noon. There will be a Kick-Off Party for the event on March 6, 2017 at 6:00pm.
·        Environmental Enforcement picked up 155 illegal signs this week. These signs did not have permits and were in the county right-of-way.
·        Received recycling bin for The Lot Project and delivered to their staff.
·        Environmental Enforcement January Stats:  222 Calls, 57 Warnings, 2 Assisting Another Agency, 25 Clean-Up Orders, 3 Clean-Up Order Citations, 5 Unlawful Dumping, 7 Litter Citations, 6 Uncovered Load Citation, and 3 State Citations. Total Fines requested $9,192.50.
Performed 5 residential sewer tap inspections this week: 2 in Tuscany, 2 in Drakesfield and 1 at Three Bridges.
Met with contractors for a mandatory pre-bid meeting at the Betsy Tucker site for the upcoming TTI sewer project. This project will consist of roughly 5,400 feet of gravity sewer and will tie into the existing 18in gravity sewer that discharges to the 6&20 WWTP. Nine contractors attended.
Animal Shelter
Have 3 full-time positions open: 2 left for better hours and higher pay, one retired.  We have 5 part-time positions open.
PAWS took in a total of 410 animals (106 were owner surrender, 5 were returned adoptions, 264 were brought in by animal control, 35 were strays).
We adopted out 262 animals! Returned 56 to their owners, transferred 130 to rescue groups.  We had 8 animals die in care and 36 animals were euthanized (7 were owner requested for illness).
The clinic was able to spay and neuter 379 animals!
IT installed a monitor in our intake area that allows the staff to see outside the carport.  This allows the staff to quickly assist customers that are bringing in animals and decrease wait time.
Pat Picard retired after 5 years of service.  He will be greatly missed by the staff and the small dogs.
PAWS were able to save 93% of the animals in our care!