Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underweay across the county:
Building and Codes
1. Have one vacant position (Building Inspector I) we are trying to fill.
2. PERMITS SUBMITTED: 12 New Single-Family Dwelling and 4 Addition-Renovation; 3 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 4 Swimming Pools; 1 Demolition; 83 for Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 5 Commercial Including: Dollar General in Pelzer, Verizon Wireless Co-Located/Electrical
Building, Electrical for Burned wiring replacement, Generator for Verizon Wireless including new electrical Cabinets, HVAC Change-out; 13 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.

3. DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Diversified Design Salon Modular Building located in Honea Path, Generator for Kravet Fabrics, Duplex located on South Circle Drive in Piedmont and Various resubmittals
Development Standards
Lazer West Construction Company located on Highway 81N, Williamston
New Dollar General Retail Store located on Pelzer Highway.
Slabtown Cabinets located on Old Greenville, Highway, Liberty.
Lazer West Construction Company located on Highway 81N, Williamston.
New Dollar General Retail Store located on Pelzer Highway.
Fleet Services
1. Have 2 vacancies: (1) Mechanic in our Light Duty shop and (1) Diesel Mechanic in our Medium/Heavy Duty shop.
2. Closed 76 work orders for the week.
3. Generator for Wastewater is working again.  Saved over $3,000 doing the repairs in-house.
Roads & Bridges
1. 11 vacancies: (2)-Sr. Equipment operators, (4)-CDL truck drivers, (4)-Equipment operators, (1)-Sr. Bridge Tech.  
2. Grading Crew completed Mayfield School Road 72″ pipe replacement project, replaced 18″ cross over pipe with a new 18″ RCP on Major Meadows Road.
3. Bridge crew completed “bridge structural welding” under Bagwell Road bridge and corrected the down spout drainage problem that was sited in a yearly inspection of the bridge.
4. Sign crew reflected fence at the Recycling Education Center to illuminate it at night.
5. Asphalt crew strip-patched Mayfield School Road over the pipe replacement project and continued pothole patching throughout the County.
6. Ditching crew spent a few days on Hooper Road changing out old rusted metal driveway pipes and ditching as needed.
7. 2 employees successfully completed certification requirements for: Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Inspector.
8. On-call crew received 3 after-hours call-outs, totaling 32 man hours-all downed trees.
1. No Accidents to Report
2. Two safety meetings: Topics-Distracted Driving, Safety Update, Workers Compensation Claims, Tort/Property, CPR Class, Lift Truck Certification Class
3. One New Employee Safety Orientation Class
4. One First Aid, CPR, and AED Class
5. Two Forklift Certification Classes
6. Park Assets Collected on Mountain View, Parker Bowie, Starr Walking Track (AAM).
1. The water sampling results taken February 28th by Plantation Pipeline and SCDHEC were received. Staff is compiling all the data into a report for County Council.
2. At Broadway Dam, the rocked pipe outlet area was completed, and the slope backfilled around the new pipe. The new pipe and plunge pool were the primary and most difficult parts of the repair and are now complete.
3. Reviews were conducted for Ingles #73 – Powdersville, LAZER West, Hemlock Phase 2, and Rogers Knoll.
4. A cease and desist notice was issued to a property owner for land disturbing activity without a permit on Lazy Street in Anderson.
Solid Waste
1. We have 2 part time positions open (MEO II and Convenience Center Ambassador) and 2 full time positions open (Truck Driver and MEO II Landfill Operator).
2. “The Great Anderson County Cleanup” was held on March 25th.  We had 308 volunteers, 1,621 bags and 65 tires so far.  The goal is 2,000 bags by April 30.
3. Delivered 520 pairs of gloves and trash bags to Riverside Middle School. The principal, Kevin Black, requested supplies for all students and staff so that they could pick up their road over the weekend. They will have an incentive program for students who participate.
4. Delivered supplies to the Civic Center for the Anderson Newspring cleanup on April 1st.
5. Provided cleanup supplies to Powdersville Newspring for 40 volunteers on April 1st.
6. Provided supplies for 140 JROTC members at Palmetto High School and Col. Creamer. Their goal is to pick up litter on 8 roads within the next week.
7. Held the monthly Keep Anderson County Beautiful Board meeting. The Great Anderson County Cleanup was the main topic discussed.
8. Preparing for upcoming Earth Day events and presentations.
9. Attended the Carolina Recycling Conference this week. Topics discussed were SCDHEC grants, boosting your recycling program, fighting contamination in recyclables and navigating the future in electronic recycling.
10. Discovered evidence of a former meth lab on Michelin Blvd while in the process of picking up litter. The Sheriff’s Department was contacted to investigate.
11. Environmental Enforcement took 10 cases to court. One Failure to Comply, three uncovered loads, two unlawful dumping and 2 littering all found guilty.   Two for driving under suspension were dismissed.
12. Provided a 40 yard bin to the Civic Center of Anderson for the Hejaz Circus.
13. We have 3 inmates for the convenience centers and 3 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center. We appreciate the Detention Center’s efforts in providing us with the inmates.
1. Working with 2 different developers in the Powdersville area to install one regional pump station that will serve both developments.
2. ROW crew repaired a drainage ditch at the entrance of the Steel Creek pump station.  The ditch was eroding and causing problems for the property owner.
3. Installed a guardrail gate at the end Memory Lane to prevent trespassing on the sewer ROW.
4. ROW crew removed an old cross pipe on the Clemson Research sewer line. This line collapsed and is unsafe for crossing.
5. The pump station crew began annual inspections at WCI and Coveris pump stations.
6. Performed 1 commercial and 5 residential sewer tap inspections this week: 1 in the Tuscany subdivision, 1 in the Winding Stream subdivision, 3 in The Arbours @ Cobbs Glenn and the commercial tap at Hanna Crossing for the new Anderson Federal Credit Union.
7. Pendleton High School force main and Pennington Farms gravity sewer has been drawn into GIS mapping and claimed as an asset in Cartegraph.
8. Met with the owner of Event Rentals to discuss raising the manhole in front of their building. This manhole needs to be raised approximately 3 feet.
9. Waste Connections hauled 9.48 tons of sludge from 6&20 WWTP to the landfill.
10. Received final lab data for the month of March at 6&20 WWTP.  All parameters are within compliance according to DHEC regulations.
11. Provided information to engineer working for Ingles, to permit rehab of Ingles in Powdersville.
12. Entered service information for Stonehaven Subdivision in anticipation of flow monitoring project to determine cause of high flows.
13. Discussed sewer availability for new subdivision in area of TTI.
14. Last calendar week (March 19 – March 25) received 108 locate tickets from SC811.
15. Continued review of the draft Sewer Use Ordinance for edits prior to submitting to SCHDEC for review and approval.
16. We had 3 after hour calls,