Citizens help in detaining four men – Powdersville


Two Powdersville men responded to a call for help from an elderly couple, and detained four men at gunpoint until Anderson County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene of a potential home invasion Monday afternoon.
Nathan Wimbrow got a call from his grandparents asking him to come to their house nearby.

Wimbrow and a neighbor, Michael Williams, armed themselves and went to the home of the elderly couple, who are both in their 80s.
Upon arriving, the two men approached the house surreptitiously and found four men trying to talk their way into the house. They pulled their weapons and made the men lie on the ground, until deputies, who were en route, arrived to take charge of the scene.
The elderly couple, whose names and address are being withheld as a safety matter, said that one of the men, Mark Mahaffey, asked about a car that was supposedly for sale at the location. He mentioned a family by name, but that family had moved from the location more than two decades earlier.
In addition to Mahaffey, Brandon Garner, Javier Meniovich, and Fred Jones were also taken into custody for breach of peace. A subsequent check with the Anderson County Detention Center reveals that all four men were released on their personal recognizance.