Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway across the county:

Building and Codes
1. Have one vacant position (Building Inspector I) we are trying to fill.
2. PERMITS SUBMITTED: 29 New Single-Family Dwelling and 7 Addition-Renovation; 1 Duplex; 7 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 2 Renewal; 4 Swimming Pools; 14 Demolition; 185 issued for Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 15 Commercial Including:

Electrical for Pioneer WTP Pump Station, Hwy 81 N Self Storage Building A, Hwy 81 N Self Storage Building B, Hwy 81 N Self Storage Building C, YMCA Pool Storage, Re-Roof of TD Bank, Electrical Service Upgrade to Existing Building on Walker Rd, Electrical Service Upgrade for Anderson County Sewer Authority – Leeward Landing, Electrical Service for Entrance Sign, Electrical Service for Fairfield United Methodist Church, Electrical for Pre-Fab Building for Duke Energy, Re-Roof of Powdersville Retail, Electrical Upgrade to Deals Galore,
3. DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: B & R Restaurant Up-Fit in Williamston, Electrical Up-grade to Deals Galore located off Beaverdam Rd., New Sign for Dollar General off Liberty Hwy., New Sign for Dollar General located in Pelzer

4. Development Standards
1. Manager met with representatives/developers from San Antonio, Texas regarding new large scale multi-family project located on Hood Road.
Sosebee Mortuary Addition located on S. Main Street, Anderson.
Highway 81 Storage located on Highway 81N, Anderson.
YMCA Addition located on Highway 81N, Easley.
Pennington Farms Subdivision located off of Hub Drive, Anderson
Pennington Farms Subdivision-a PD, 32 residential lots .
$68,000 Bond Secured for Pennington Farm Subdivision.
]Shirley Estates, 5 residential lots approved located on Rice Cemetery Road.
Rock Springs Fire Department located on Highway 413, Belton.
2. Large Signage in middle of medium located at the intersection Dixon Road and Stone Haven Drive Anderson.
Fleet Services
1. Have 2 vacancies: (1) Mechanic in our Light Duty shop and (1) Diesel Mechanic in our Medium/Heavy Duty shop.
2. Closed 109 work orders for the week.
3. To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  You can then click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
Roads & Bridges
1. 11 vacancies: (2)-Sr. Equipment operators, (4)-CDL truck drivers, (4)-Equipment operators, (1)-Crew Leader.
2. Grading Crew began work on Breazeale Road Culvert Replacement Project. The road will be closed for 4 weeks, or until repairs are complete.
3. Sign crews closed Breazeale Road for culvert repair and Ballard Road after the culvert under the road showed signs of failure and posed a safety threat. Crew also worked on Keys Street to update signage in an attempt to slow traffic and increase safety for residents in the area.
4. Asphalt crew patched potholes and poured driveway aprons this week.
5. Employees attended training provided by State Transport Police addressing tie downs and pre-trip inspections.
6. Approved plans for Magnolia Farms Subdivision on Roper Road.
1. The final significant element of the Broadway dam repairs was completed. The concrete channel that carried runoff from Broadway Lake road down the back-side of the dam was removed and replaced with a stabile. Some erosion control and access road improvements remain. After a survey is done and grass is established DHEC can conduct the final inspection. Pending DHEC’s approval the gates can be closed to refill the lake.
2. Staff met with the design engineer and a representative of Dominion Senior Living to discuss the final details of their project’s plan review comments.
3. Received new applications for Upstate Industrial – Oppermann Warehouse, Lots 15 & 16 and Outdoor Products Test Lab.
4. Approved detention waiver for Hemlock Phase II.
5. Approved major modifications for Anderson Ford – Service Bay Addition and Rivermill Subdivision.
6. Review was conducted for Hemlock Phase II.
Solid Waste
1. We have part time position open (MEO II) and 2 full time positions open (Truck Driver and MEO II Landfill Operator).
2. “The Great Anderson County Cleanup” was held on March 25, 2017 from 8am until noon. We are continuing the cleanup until May 31, 2017. We have had 378 volunteers participating with staff in the event. There have been 2,143 bags of litter and 117 tires picked up at this time.
3. Anderson County Environmental Enforcement continues to participate in the Zero Tolerance Campaign. Residents need to remember to cover their trash loads while going to convenience centers and not to throw trash out on our roads and highways. We are continuing to work areas with large amounts of litter being thrown out on the road and in our parks.
4. Staff assisted a resident to retrieve a cemetery monument they had thrown away. We were able to dump the bin at the Starr Landfill to get the monument back for them. They were very appreciative.
1. Staff attended meeting in Town of Williamston regarding cleanup on April 22nd.
2. Staff is working on several billboard designs regarding litter and Adopt-a-Spot.
1. Met with engineer about new subdivision in the Highway 81 and I-85 area. Proposed subdivision will have 147 residential lots that will be served by 6&20 WWTP.
2. Prepared Inflow and Infiltration reduction report for Powdersville area. Flow monitoring reports show a reduction of 15% or 40,000GPD and a 28% or 220,000 GPD reduction in peak flows. ROW crews performed smoke testing, cleaning and CCTV to locate sources of I & I.
3. Reviewed permitting procedures with developer for the Oaks at Shiloh Church Phase II.
4. Waste Connections hauled 9.65 tons of sludge from 6&20 WWTP to the landfill.
5. Performed 3 residential sewer tap inspections this week in the Drakesfield subdivision.
6. By-pass pumps have been set up at Leeward Landing pump station while new check valves and plug valves are being installed in the valve pit. New electrical cabinets are to be installed this week. The start- up for new pumps is scheduled for Friday, April 28.
7. The air relief valve relocation on the Riverstone force main will take place on Thursday, April 20. The existing ARV is in the new drive for the Rivermill subdivision and the developer is going to move it out of the drive. Anderson County Wastewater will be there to inspect work.
Animal Shelter
1. 3 full time Animal Caretaker positions open, 4 part time Animal Caretaker positions open and a part time maintenance position open.
2. PAWS took in 119 animals this week (2 hamsters, 2 rabbits and 1 injured squirrel) 14 were owner surrender, 11 returned, 60 from animal control, 34 strays from the public.
3. Adopted out 74 animals, 1 died, 2 dogs and the squirrel were euthanized, 14 animals were returned to their owner and 11 were sent to rescue.
4. Clinic performed 72 spay/neuter surgeries.
5. Received $234.76 in cash donations and approximately $175.00 worth of products.
6. Met with students from the Career Center to design brochures and a logo.
7. Started collecting bids for new x-ray software.
8. Met with landscape architect to lay out plans to upgrade the existing dog park.
9. This week we were able to save 96.6% of the animals in our care.