Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
Apr. 18 – Freddie L. Buckner, 47, 217 Longview Dr., Williamston reported a white bicycle with white writing, black rims and four black pegs stolen. The bicycle was valued at $250. K. Anthony investigated.
Apr. 19 – Michael Edwards, 115 Tyson St., Williamston reported a tag removed from a vehicle belonging to Bobby E. Patton, 135 Dunn Ct., Lyman., that was parked in the yard. L. Buell investigated.

Apr. 19 – Kenngie Quanyan Burts, 22, 19 Randall St., Williamston reported three American Bully Dogs taken from his property. Two of the dogs were females described as blue and brown with tribal like spots and brown with a white color chest. The third was a male described as black, tan and white. All three have clipped ears. The dogs were valued at $3,000. L. Buell investigated.
Apr. 21 – Paul David Froman, 55, 3127 Cannon Rd., Greer reported theft of coins from a vending/vacuum machine located at 211 W. Main St. in Williamston. According to reports pipes that allow quarters to fall into a safe were cut and then the vacuum was used to suck the quarters out of the safe. The filter part of the vacuum was then opened and $200 in money was extricated. The incident remains under investation. K. Anthony investigated.
Apr. 22 – Austin Wayne Luker, 18, 53 Main St, Pelzer and Angela Marie Patterson, no additional information provided, were arrested for possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia after officers observed a car with flashing lights parked in front of the cemetery at the corner of Gossett and Williams. According to reports, Luker had a book bag which contained a glass stem, a homemade wooden smoking device filled with a green leafy substance field tested positive for marijuana and a metal grinder used for grinding marijuana. Patterson had several items and a small black bag in her lap. Officers found one glass stem, one piece of bamboo stalk modified to smoke illegal drugs, one clear container of green leaf like substance field tested positive for marijuana (8 grams and a clear baggy of whitish clear crystals field tested positive for methamphetamine and weighing . 25 grams. Both stated the meth did not belong to them. Due to the close proximity and no one claiming the methamphetamine, both were charged with simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphenalia and possession of methamphetamine. Both were transported to ACDC without incident. Warrants were being obtained for the meth charges. B. K. Creel investigated.
Apr. 24 – Logan Steele Bagwell, 19, 1680 Cheddar Rd., Belton was arrested for possession of alcohol by a minor after a silver Chevrolet Silverado was observed on Belton Drive with an inoperable headlight. According to reports, an empty Dekuyoer Buttershots liquor bottle, two empty small plastic bottles that smelled of alcohol and a partially full small white plastic bottle that smelled of alcohol were found in a cooler in the bed of the truck. He was transported to ACDC. A male juvenile passenger in the vehicle was escorted to his residence by officers. F. Eugene investigated.