Pelzer/West Pelzer Hwy. 8 Master Plan to be presented


The final draft of the Pelzer and West Pelzer Master Plan for the Highway 8 corridor will be presented next Tuesday, May 2 at 7 p.m. at the Pelzer Community Building.
The Master Plan is the result of a Charette held recently for residents of the two towns by Arnett Muldrow & Associates.

Approximately thirty five residents, split pretty evenly, between Pelzer and West Pelzer, met in March to discuss their vision of the future of the two towns. The focus of the Charette centered on the potential appearance of the intersection of Main Street and Lebby Street, and the adjacent areas along Hwy. 8 from the fire department in West Pelzer to the bridge in Pelzer.
Consultants with Arnett Muldrow conducted the meeting and guided the citizens through a series of questions designed to elicit public input.
The meeting Tuesday is open to anyone interested in the future of West Pelzer and Pelzer.