Around the County . . .


The Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway across the county:
Building and Codes
1. Met with Engineer and owner representative regarding the Duke Energy/WS Lee Plant to discuss a new process/storage building to be built that houses material that is classified as Hazardous. They are requesting exemption from the sprinkler system requirement. Additional information to be submitted to determine if it qualifies for an exemption
2. Met with Development Standards to review plans submitted for new Single-Family Dwelling located within a PD (Planned Development). Plans were required to be revised and resubmitted.
3. PERMITS SUBMITTED: 10 New Single-Family Dwelling and 5 Addition-Renovation; 6 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 3 Swimming Pools; 30 Demolition; 84 for Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 17 Commercial Including: Sandy Springs Warehouse #1 through #12 (Each individual building is required to be permitted separately), Electrical Up-grade for Hicks Mechanical, Sign for Dollar General off 178, Sign for Dollar General in Pelzer, HVAC Replacement at Stone Creek Cove, AT&T Co-Locate; 6 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
4. DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: First Quality-Cannonball 4 Concrete Foundation for Vacuum Blower, TTI Test Lab and Various resubmittals
Development Standards
Vintage @ Powdersville new multi-family apartment complex located on Hood Road, Powdersville.
KB Auto Sales located at 5735 Highway 29S
Open Arms Outreach Ministry located on Highway 81S, Anderson.
Dominion Assisted Living located on Hub Drive/Highway 81 Anderson.
1. LAND USE PERMITS ISSUED:Dominion Assisted Living located on Hub Drive/Highway 81 Anderson
2. Ravenhill Subdivision Phase II
3. The Enclave at Airy Springs Phase II
2. Complaint of a shooting range located on Shackleburg Road, Anderson.
3. Illegal large signage removed from Stonehaven Subdivision, Anderson.
Fleet Services
1. To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  You can then click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
Roads & Bridges
1. 12 vacancies: (1) Manager, (4) Truck Drivers, (4) Equipment Operators, (2) Mower Operators, (1) Laborer.
2. Bridge crew worked this week on Bessie Road to repair wing-walls.
3. Grading crew finished work on Breazeale Road Culvert Replacement. The road was scheduled to be closed for 4 weeks, but will be open after 2 weeks of work.
4. Sign crews opened Breazeale Road and Bessie Road after work from other crews terminated. Crew also worked on Keys Street to update signage in an attempt to slow traffic and increase safety for residents in the area. Sign supervisor worked with school districts to ensure school bus signage was appropriate.
5. Asphalt crew finished Breazeale Road and Bessie Road and patched potholes.
1. Provided infrastructure data to ReWa for Hwy 86 #3 pump station.
2. Completed flow request form for new AutoZone in Powdersville.
3. Reviewed design progress for new apartment complex in Powdersville with Engineer.
4. Met with industry representative to look at treatment area and choose additional sample location that will be required in the upcoming permit.
5. Last calendar week (April 16 – April 22) received 149 locate tickets from SC811, of these, 4 were emergency locates.
6. As a courtesy, looked into oil and grease treatment options for an Anderson County industry that does not discharge to the 6 & 20 WWTP.  This industry is under the jurisdiction of REWA Pretreatment Program and enforcement.
7. Performed air test on 8 inch ductile iron pipe in the last section of the Rivermill Subdivision sewer line off River Road in Piedmont. All manholes were vacuum tested.
Animal Shelter
1. 1 Adoption Lead position open, 3 full time Animal Caretaker positions open, 4 part time Animal Caretaker positions open and a part time maintenance position open.
2. PAWS took in 109 animal’s total this week (25 owner surrender, 8 returns, 40 from animal control, 36 strays, 2 transferred from another facility).
3. We had 33 adoptions, 2 animals died, 11 euthanasia (2 owner requested), 14 animals returned to their owner, 27 transferred to rescues.
4. Donations: $124 cash and approximately $125 worth of dog food and treats were donated.
5. Dr. Sanders went on a ride along with Deputy Turner from Animal Control.  This will be an ongoing partnership that will allow PAWS and Animal Control to collaborate and find ways to best serve the animals and people of Anderson County.
6. Assisted Abbeville County and removed 35 dogs and puppies from a terrible hoarding situation. (These were not included in the above numbers).
7. We received a large donation from Kong Toys.  These are durable toys that we stuff with peanut butter for our dogs!
8. We were able to save 90% of the animals in our care this week!