On journey to raise awareness of Autism


    John Moore of Greenwood began a journey in Abbeville just a little over a week ago with a team o mules and a wagon. He is on his way to Zanesville, Ohio and hopes to raise awareness for Autism as he makes his way. He came through Williamston last week and camped overnight along the banks of Big Creek next to the Williamston Fire Department. (Photo by Michael Lollis)

    Moore retired as a boilermaker and always wanted to travel across the country by wagon. He travels about ten miles a day, stopping where he can to camp for the night.

    Last Thursday he made his way through Williamston, stopping at the fire department for the night. He carries all his supplies with him including 400 pounds of hay for the mules and about 35 gallons of water. He said he spent about nine months to a year training and conditioning the mules for a long journey, preparing them for whatever situations he may face along the way, anything from loud noises to those who may want to disturb the mules on purpose.

    Along the way he hopes to raise awareness for Autism and plans to set up a fund for people to donate. After his journey he plans to auction the mules and donate half to Autism research.