Williamston Town Council reports


The following reports were made during the Williamston Town Council meeting Monday (June 5):
Police Chief Tony Taylor introduced two new officers, Jody Culbertson who is a certified instructor in various areas and brings SWAT experience to the department  and Kevin Evatt who brings a variety of skills including dog tracking to the law enforcement side of the department.
Taylor said the department is currently targeting traffic education due to a large number of accidents recently and responding to traffic complaints in the community.
Taylor reported that his officers recently responded to one burglary incident in which there was gunfire.
The Chief said the department is implementing a violence intervention academy for ages 12 to 15 years. The three day academy will focus on providing proper tools and strategies to help teens in preventing crime and becoming a statistic.
Taylor presented plaques of appreciation to reserve officer Claude Anderson and community volunteer Cindy Robertson for their time and effort.
According to Taylor, Anderson works as a reserve with the police department four to five days a week while Roberson assists with needs in the community, networking and volunteering.
Envision Williamston Executive Director Sonya Crandall reported that a new social media campaign promoting Historic Williamston and Envision Williamston is getting results with a seventy percent increase in “likes” on Facebook and up to 18,000 re-tweets.
Crandall reported that a meeting on the Mustang Alley feasibility study and project is scheduled for this week.
Envision Williamston is working on a revised dining and shopping guide with expanded business listings and an updated business assistance guide for the town.
There is also a  walking tour brochure being produced which highlights 20 local historic sites within walking distance of downtown, Crandall said.
Debbie Chapman gave a codes enforcement report which included 80 inspections and 37 notices to comply with numerous in person and phone calls.
She said 65 residences had tall grass or weeds and that a number were out of town or life estate property owners. Other violations included junk cars, one TV disposal, three business license violations and three animal control related, three sign related and one littering.
Related to the notice to comply, Chapman also assists in building a file so that the police department can enforce violations with a civil ticket which can result in fines.
Williamston Mayor Mack Durham talks with South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster recently during an event in Anderson. Durham said asked the Governor for support for Home Rule and the Local Government Fund. The Anderson County Chamber facilitated the discussion with the Governor McMaster. Durham said the Governor made comments supportive of industrial recruitment, technical jobs training, and quality of life in the state.

Codes Compliance

The following Codes Compliance report for May 2017 was presented by Chapman:

80 inspections were made for various reasons.
37 Certified Letters were sent to comply, some in person contacts and numerous phone calls were made to ensure compliance with the following:
⦁ Three complaints of squatting which is taking up residence in an abandoned or vacant house.
⦁ 12 Properties with trash or debris
⦁ 65 Properties with tall grass and weeds. **These were given consideration that it has rained almost every weekend for a month.
⦁ 5 Houses needing demolition (Trying to reach owners or next of kin since some are in life estates)
⦁ 3 Junk car or other junk abatement related complaints
⦁ 1 TV needing disposal
⦁ 3 Buisness license compliance issues
⦁ 3 Dog related issues
⦁ 3 sign related issues
⦁ 1 Assist with meter installation (permit)
⦁ 2 leaves not bagged complaints
⦁ 1 littering complaint