Anderson County to review solid waste contract


By Stan Welch
The Anderson County Council conducted a very concise businesslike meeting Tuesday night, moving briskly through the agenda. Councilwoman Cindy Wilson reported on the latest meeting of the planning and public works committee which she chairs. Her committee is beginning a review of the county’s contract  for solid waste services, which expires in  December. She also decried the absence of virtually all of the contractual documents which were signed originally, under the previous county administrator.

Wilson, whose district is the site of the Anderson Regional (Big Creek) landfill, challenged the contract originally, as well as questioning the operation of the landfill. She said Tuesday night that one closing document had recently been located, but the majority of the documents involved with the sale and operations of the landfill had apparently been removed from the county courthouse shortly after former administrator Joey Preston left the county employ.
Last year, according to Wilson,  the county disposed of sixty five thousand tons of solid waste at a cost of twenty nine dollars and fifty two cents per ton.

During the separate agenda for resolutions and proclamations that precedes the business meeting, the Belton Honea Path youth barrel racers were recognized for their outstanding performance at the national barrel racing championships. Also recognized was Robert Reynolds for his role in rescuing a twelve year old girl who was drowning in Lake Hartwell last summer.
Councilwoman Gracie Floyd continued her recent absence, due to medical issues, and several agenda items she had requested were scratched from the agenda.
Council addressed a request from the city of Anderson for an additional fourteen 800 MhZ radios, as well as one more for the Belton Fire Department. The granting of the requests was accompanied by a discussion among Council of a need to review the county policy regarding the payment of the licensing fees for the radios,  as well as other possibilities for procuring emergency communications equipment.
Councilwoman  Cindy Wilson raised the issue of newer technologies, but Councilman Ray Graham, chair of the public safety committee, reiterated his preference for the proven equipment. “We are looking at some other options, but I am very reluctant to make changes until those options have been well tested and proven. Communications in emergency situations are more important than any other single thing.”
Council gave third reading approval to two ordinances related to the industrial park shared by Anderson and Greenville Counties. They also approved a first reading by title only of an ordinance being crafted which will prohibit racial discrimination in any of the county programs that receive federal financial support.
A resolution to abandon a portion of Barr Circle and allow its closure was tabled by Councilman Ken Waters, who represents the area. “There are some unresolved issues with this request, and I would ask that we table this until they are resolved,” said Waters. Council accommodated his request by a vote of 6-0.