Around the County . . .

Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway across the county:
* We are pleased to welcome Matt Hogan to the team as our new Roads & Bridges Manager. He comes to us with 10 years of experience in the construction/public works industry. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Southern Wesleyan University in Business Management and is currently working on a Master of Public Administration degree from Clemson University. The past 2 years he has worked at the City of Anderson in their Public Works Department. Monday was his first day here and he spent that evening at the Emergency Operations Center until midnight assisting with the phone calls for downed trees and other Roads & Bridges services. Nothing like hitting the ground running. I look forward to working with him on bettering our county road system.

* A BIG thank you to everyone who helped during and after Irma came through the area. Our folks at the EOC did a phenomenal job handling the phones. Thank you to all the crews from Roads & Bridges, Wastewater, and Solid Waste that cleared over 250 trees from the county roads in less than 3 days. Most of the roads were opened within 24 hours. I also appreciate the spotters that went out to help us decide what equipment to send to speed up the process. Wastewater delivered a backup generator to the Civic Center when the power went out. Thankfully it wasn’t out very long and it wasn’t needed, but I appreciate the quick response. And lastly, thank you to Dr. Sanders and her team. They assisted with our visiting pets at the Red Cross Shelter by setting up their pet trailer at the Civic Center. Well done to all!
* Lastly, I think the County is in good hands with Lt. David Baker and his team at Emergency Management. I believe all the planning he and his folks put in the past few months really paid off this week. It was great to see all the first responders from Public Works, Fire, Police, and Rescue working together to protect our community. We all should be proud of #TeamAndersonCounty!

Building and Codes
* One of our Building Inspectors attended the 44th Annual SC Plumbing, Gas & Mechanical Inspectors Association of SC Educational Conference. This gives us the opportunity to network with surrounding Counties on code related issues as well as receive the required continuing educational credits needed to renew our certifications
* PERMITS SUBMITTED: 14 New Single-Family Dwelling; 8 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 1 Replacement; 1 Demolition; 4 Swimming Pools; 85 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 7 Residential Solar Panel; 1 Commercial Including: Electrical for Temporary Construction Trailer for Electrolux; 16 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
* DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: First Quality Interior Renovations, Little Caesars Pizza located off Pearman Dairy Rd., Warehouse for R3 Motors located off LaCannon Rd. and Various resubmittals
Development Standards
§ Final Floodplain Development Permits for Caledonia Lots #61, 62, 63, 64
§ Electrolux Industrial Expansion Located on Masters Blvd. Anderson
§ Anderson Institute of Technology located on Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson
§ Silverleaf Subdivision
§ Homeland Park Subdivision
§ Quality Tires located on S. Main Street, Anderson.
Fleet Services
* Closed 192 work orders for the week.
* Fuel Prices: Unleaded: $2.10‘!, E20 $2.16‘!, Diesel $2.43‘!
* Got 5 generators up and running for the Sheriff’s Dept. in the event of an emergency to use during Hurricane Irma.
* Have another unit ready for pick up at Christopher Truck that’s under warranty and should have it back into service within the next day or so.
* The new Dump Truck for Roads and Bridges has been returned from the vendor with corrections completed and is now in service.
* Weekly downtime percentage: 8.77%
* To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at<> You can then click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
Roads & Bridges
* We welcome Matt Hogan as the new Roads & Bridges Department Manager.
* Crews assisted Public Safety with putting out barricades at road hazards.
* Crews responded to downed tree calls from hurricane Irma and cleared from roadway.
* Crews started debris cleaning request.
* Road and Bridges received a total of 271 requests for the week.
* 177 requests are still open and waiting to be completed.
* One Near Miss Reported
* Annual Hearing Testing for all Public Works employees was performed this week.
* Countywide Safety Meeting: Topic covered Old Business, Today’s Inspection, Safety Update, Workers Compensation, Tort/ Property Claims, Hearing Test, Flagging Training, Emergency Survival Kit
* The Broadway Lake level was lowered 1.5 feet due to Hurricane Irma. The spillway gates were closed Tuesday morning to allow the water to return to full pool.
* Staff met with representatives of Electrolux to discuss permitting issues related to the water bodies on-site. As a result, those issues were reconciled allowing us to move forward with issuing their permit.
* The manager met with the new Clemson Extension Water Resources Agent to identify bacteria monitoring activities and areas where a citizens monitoring program could be beneficial. This would be helpful for public education reasons, but also provide more monitoring data to be used to refine pollution reduction efforts.
* The NPDES stormwater permit application for Site Improvements for Electrolux Anderson was submitted to SCDHEC.
* The first review of the Thrasher Poultry Farm’s application was reviewed and the comments returned to the design engineer.
* The pre-construction conference was conducted for Ravenhills Subdivision – Phase II off of Hwy 153 in Powdersville.
* Cease and desist notices were issued to Powdersville YMCA and Sandy Farms for failure to stabilize the sites.
Solid Waste
* “SHRED DAY” with Shred 360 is scheduled for September 30th from 10am until 1pm at the Balloon Launch Field at the Anderson County Sports and Entertainment Center. Residents can bring up to 5 boxes or bags of paper material to be shredded and recycled.
* Staff has been assisting Road and Bridges with cleaning up the tree debris from the storms of Hurricane Irma on our county roads. The tree debris is being taken to the Starr C&D Landfill. SCDOT has also reached out to the Anderson County SolidWaste Department for assistance in taking their tree debris to the Starr Landfill due to the large amount of debris on the state roads.
* Had 5 convenience centers without power for more than 24 hours. We were able to keep all of the sites open except for the Whitefield Convenience Center for one day due to the power outage. The Whitefield Convenience Center is one of our top 2 highest traffic centers. We have to have our compactors running at the site to continue operations. Residents were very understanding and we shifted them to our other convenience centers.
* Assisted the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center by picking up and recycling 10 gallons of an oil/gas mixture. We recycle oil/gas mixtures from chainsaws, boats, leaf blowers and other small engines at the Townville, Whitefield, Manse Jolly and King David Convenience Centers.
* Confirmed Shred Day ads to run in the Anderson Independent on September 17th and 24th.
* Updated “One Bag at a Time” billboards for the litter cleanup initiative for the month of October. Locations are being determined and the billboards will go up on October 2nd.
* Completed the Palmetto Pride Tree Grant and submitted it. We have requested 147 trees for various municipalities, United Way of Anderson County and two garden clubs.
* Staff is still receiving ReTrac Surveys from local businesses. These are being entered into the ReTrac database as they are received.
* Staff completed and submitted the ReTrac local government survey and data for Anderson County.
* Staff has submitted applications to various upcoming events including Iva Depot Days, Timken Health Fair, and Old Bowie Farm Show.
* We have 3 inmates for the convenience centers and 1 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center. We appreciate the Detention Center’s efforts in providing us with the inmates when they can but it is a strain on staff when we do not have inmates.
* Received 4,300 gallons of lime from Burdette Lime at 6&20 WWTP.
* We are sampling for our 2nd set of monthly samples at 6&20 WWTP.
* Held kick off meeting for future projects with engineers. Scope of work for 6&20, Welpine and Exit 14 were discussed. Permitting and design are projected to be completed by January and will go out for bid for Welpine, 6&20 permitting and design projected to be completed by August and Exit 14 is projected to take 18 months for design and permitting.
* Betsy Tucker project should be completed this week for TTI expansion.
* Betsy Tucker Line “C” extension construction permit has been signed and will be sent to DHEC for approval next week.
* Performed 1 residential sewer tap inspection this week in the Three Bridges subdivision.
* Wastewater department worked during Hurricane Irma to keep power at pump stations with generators, pumped wet-wells out with the Vac-On pumper truck and used a bypass pump to keep up with flows. One contract pumper truck had to be called in. The wastewater crews also cut fallen trees out of pump station drives and assisted Roads and Bridges on Anderson County roads cutting trees and cleaning debris off roads.
* Anderson County Wastewater had a total of 9 pump stations without power during the storm and was able to keep all of them operating with no sewer overflows.
* Completed August 2017 lab data and calculations spreadsheet to be used for preparing discharge monitoring report for submittal to SCDHEC.
* Worked with consultant to do final review and edits of proposed sewer ordinance. We now have a due date for submittal of on or before October 30, 2017.
* Provided updated industrial lab data to consultant, to be used in preparation of additional information requested by SCDHEC for the Pretreatment Program update.
* Last calendar week (Sept 3 – Sept 9) received 110 locate tickets from SC811, of these, 7 were emergency locates. Each has been entered into Cartegraph as a task, located, completed and closed on the SC811 website.
* Completed Audits for SC811 locates as received each day, to ensure that all received locates have been entered into the Cartegraph system and appropriately addressed.
* Met with consulting engineer about sewer line extension to Betsy Tucker sewer project.
* Received ReWa approval for two new subdivisions in Powdersville.
* Sent existing sewer information to consulting engineer to begin design process of closing 6&20 WWTP.
* The pump station crew pulled pump #1 at WCI because of long run times, due to trash in the impeller.
Animal Shelter

PAWS took in 145 animals this week (5 owner surrender, 1 return adoption, 55 from animal control, 3 strays and 81 animals were transferred in from other facilities. We took 29 cats, 24 dogs and 1 rabbit from Monck’s Corner and we took 22 cats and 5 dogs from Jacksonville FL).

* Did 36 adoptions, 1 puppy died, 12 animals were euthanized for aggression, 1 animal was an owner requested euthanasia, 16 animals were returned to their owners and 16 were transferred out to rescues.
* Clinic did 33 spay/neuter surgeries.
* Received $378 in cash donations and approximately $300 in donated food, cleaning supplies and flea medication.
* Assisted the Red Cross by setting up the adoption trailer at the civic center to assist with any animals that needed temporary housing when their owners evacuated.
* PAWS was able to move 61 animals in foster homes prior to Irma. It was amazing to see the support from the community and we are thankful for all of their help.
* We were able to save 91% of the animals in our care this week.