Anderson School District One students perform well on tests

The South Carolina State Department recently released scores on state tests. Anderson District One Scores meet or exceed state test scores for 2017 SCReady ELA. Anderson School District One students also performed well on SCReady, End of Cours and WorkKeys testing.
Jane Harrison, Assistant Superintendent for Anderson One, said, “Last year was a year of transition, second year of the state assessment, first year for all students to test  online and higher benchmarks set for the test scores. Complying with the legislation, we put effort into having the infrastructure ready to test all students online while 47 of the districts in the state opted out of the challenging online testing. Students did well testing online and significantly outperformed the state. We are not where we want to be however I am very proud of our improved student achievement and our teachers’ expertise. We have specific plans for all schools to support continuous improvement for our students.”
Grade ELA                       MATH        SCIENCE            SOCIAL STUDIES
State A1               State A1       State  A1            State A1
3        42.1 50.4              52.5 66.1
4        40.9 52.3              46.4 60.9      48.4 63.0          80.8 88.9
5        38.3 50.6              40.0 49.9      46.1 60.8          70.9 82.9
6        39.7 44.4              41.5 60.7      48.0 58.8           73.3 82.6
7        36.4 46.9              33.3 50.8      46.5 52.7           63.5 76.0
8        40.1 47.3              34.5 56.2      49.5 52.3           67.7 72.4
SCReady Highlights
• Students in Anderson One grades 3, 4, 6 and 7 took SCReady online for the first time during the 2017 administration. Grade 5 and 8 took online during the 2016 school year.
• Anderson One students by grade level significantly beat the state results on every test in every grade level for ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies.
• Fifth grade ELA scores for the state are 38.3. Powdersville Elementary School 5th grade teachers did an outstanding job and 66.5% of the students were meets or exceeds.
• Cedar Grove Elementary School, a Title I school, did an outstanding job in Math for students in grades 3 and 5.
• Powdersville MIddle School students out performed other middle schools in the district in ELA and Math. Principal Todd Binnicker said, “Powdersville Middle School’s academic success would not be possible without a great student body, dedicated faculty and staff and a very supportive community.  Our students respect each other, support each other, and help each other to succeed.  Our faculty and staff build strong relationships with students and hold them accountable to very high but realistic expectations and standards. Parental involvement and community support enable our students to reach their highest academic potential.”
End of Course Percent of passing scores (A-D)
          Algebra 1  Biology     English 1     US History
State       74.7       73.7       76.8           67.8
A1           84.2       80.6       86.8           72.8
• Anderson School District One middle and high school students taking End of Course exams significantly outperformed the state results.
• 88.6% of Powdersville High School students passed Algebra 1 course exams and 87.5% on English 1 exams.
• 80. 8% of Palmetto High School students passed US History and the Constitution exam. This is a very challenging exam and is exemplary results.
• Powdersville Middle School had 100% of the 8th grade students in Algebra 1 and English 1 pass the exams.
• 97% of Wren and Palmetto Middle students passed Algebra 1 and English 1
District One percentage of  students scoring college ready on ACT were slightly below state averages on math, reading and science, and slightly above on English.
          English      Math      Reading      Science
State   38.1         21.5       26.8           17.3
A1       38.9         20.3       24.7           15.3
• This is the second year that all students in their third year of high school took ACT, a college placement test.
• Anderson One is offering college prep classes for interested students.
District One Students also performed well on WorkKeys.
Percent of students scoring career ready levels for the workforce
             Bronze      Silver      Gold      Platinum
State      23.2          46.0        14.7     0.1
A1          21.7          54.6        14.0     0
• 90.3% of Anderson One students earned WorkKey industry credentials.
• WorkKeys is a career ready test that includes reading for information, locating information and applied mathematics.
• This is the second year students in the state have taken WorkKeys.
• Students receive an employability credential  that is used by businesses for employment.