Quick Response Vehicles may be repurposed to Three & Twenty Fire


By Stan Welch
The county administrator has proposed a repurposing of two Quick Response Vehicles that are due to be taken out of service as a result of the county’s changes to its EMS system.
The QRVs, which were deployed to the Williford and Ebenezer communities at their fire stations, are more lightly equipped and manned by less thoroughly trained personnel, have been replaced at those locations by fully equipped and manned ambulances. As a result, the QRVs are scheduled to be taken out of service.
Anderson County Administrator Rusty Burns, however, has an alternative recommendation for the Council to consider. The QRVs were initially deployed seven years ago because the areas they serve were experiencing much slower response times than other, more accessible parts of the county.
Burns plans to recommend to the County Council that the two QRVs be deployed to two other areas of the county that experience slow response times. One location would be the Three & Twenty substation on Pickens Road, where it could backup EMS units from the Pelzer, Williamston, and Pendleton units during times of high call volumes.
The second unit would be located at the Zion Fire Department, and would serve Townville, Pendleton, and Hartwell when needed. Both units would also have easy access to I-85 when needed.