Friday snowfall gone by Saturday afternoon


A SCDOT plow truck spreads salt and sand along West Main Street Friday night. Roads rapidly deteriorated as snow fell in the afternoon and evening. By Saturday afternoon, only traces were left. (Photo by David Rogers)

At 6 p.m. Saturday, SCDOT reported they had shut down shift operations as wintry precipitation ended. On-call crews continued to monitor road conditions and respond to needs as appropriate. All interstates were in good condition yet motorists were encouraged to continue to use caution when traveling. As temperatures fell during the evening, SCDOT reminded drivers to be aware of the possible formation of black ice where pavement remained wet. In addition to possible icy conditions, motorists were also cautioned to watch for slow moving SCDOT equipment applying deicing chemicals.

The following materials were applied to the roadways during the event:

1,811 Tons of Salt (cumulative total) 185 Tons of Sand (cumulative total) 900 Gallons of calcium chloride 111,700 Gallons of salt brine

Across the state, these were conditions reported by SCDOT . . .

Engineering District 1 – There has been very little winter storm response activity in District 1. Oncall crews are on alert and prepped for deployment pending any calls for residual ice patches since the precipitation has ended and it will be below freezing tonight.

Engineering District 2 – Includes Anderson and Greenville – Ambient temperatures are approximately 40 degrees with pavement temperatures in the low 40s. The snow band from Georgia turned mostly into rain when it entered District 2. Roads are in good condition. All shift operations have ended. On-call crews in all counties will monitor conditions and respond as necessary for the rest of the weekend.

Engineering District 3 –All snow and precipitation has ended in all counties with no accumulation on the roads. Most locations have an ambient temperature of 36 degrees and a pavement temperature of 39 degrees. Roads are mostly clear and wet with some isolated slush in the mountains. Interstate traffic is traveling at normal speed.

All shift operations have shut down. Each county will have a skeleton crew working to assist on-call crews as needed throughout tonight. Based on the forecast, no more precipitation is expected. Road conditions will continue to be monitored. Engineering District 4 – District 4 has returned to normal operations in all counties. All counties will handle any needs through the night with their on-call crews. Additional personnel are on alert should low temperatures in early morning hours require them to be called in to treat bridges and overpasses. Precipitation has ended and all pavements are wet. Ambient and pavement temperatures are currently above freezing.

Engineering District 5 – No winter storm response activity in District 5.

Engineering District 6 – No winter storm response activity in District 6.

Engineering District 7 – No winter storm response activity in District 7.

SHEP – SCDOT’s motorist assistance patrols have resumed normal schedules. Motorists may request SHEP assistance by dialing *HP on a mobile phone or using SCDOT’s 511 app.

Updates of activities may also be reported through SCDOT’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is the final formal operations report for this winter event.