Events top discussion for Williamston Town Council work session


By Stan Welch
The Williamston Town Council held a brief work session Tuesday night, essentially reviewing the content of two ordinances awaiting second reading approval at the first regular meeting of the new year, next Monday, Jan. 8 at 6:30 p.m.
One ordinance establishes a temporary business license primarily for vendors at the town’s various festivals and events, such as food vendors. The license would cost twenty dollars a day, and the vendor would be limited to two thousand dollars in receipts a day.
For vendors or service providers planning to do business in town on a more extended basis, the permanent license would soon prove to be a more economical approach.
The second ordinance discussed involves a proposed increase in the cost of the garbage pickup service. The fee will increase from seven dollars to ten dollars for customers within the city. Those just outside the city who receive the service will pay fifteen dollars.
Mayor Durham explained that any outside customers are basically adjacent to existing service routes. “We do not go out of our way to provide the service to those outside the town limits. Often, they are just on the other side of the street on existing routes.” Councilman David Harvell stated that they should pay twice the fee for town residents.
The town will provide one tipper can as well as pickup service, and the homeowner can also use one additional tipper can if they choose.
A brief discussion of the upcoming comedy show starring James Gregory brought out the information that alcohol will be available at the event, which is the kickoff of the newly renovated gym in the municipal center. “I am ninety nine per cent sure that alcohol will be available at that event, but I will confirm that,” Mayor Durham said.
Councilman Rockey Burgess asked whether a case by case vote of approval by the council is necessary. “I think this is a great event and one that is certainly appropriate for the serving of alcohol. I just want to make sure we give ourselves time to vote on it if that is required.” Mayor Durham promised to make sure the proper procedure was followed.
The event is scheduled for February 3. Gregory is known as the funniest man in America, and is also known for his Southern take on social and family issues. He is family oriented, seldom resorting to the blue language that many comics use.