Anderson School District One Board approves personnel


Anderson School District One Board of Trustees approved a large number of personnel recommendations during their meeting Tuesday.
Among them the retirement of Superintendent David Havird and resignation Palmetto High Theater teacher Will Ragland.
District One officials said the new hires were one of the largest numbers they have seen being hired this early in the year for next school year.
Administrative Recommendations – Greg Gilstrap, Director of Technology
Recommendations – Katherine Amundsen, Middle Level ELA Teacher, Wren Middle; Stephanie Boland, English Teacher, Palmetto Middle; Kaycee Bowick, Special Education Teacher; Chad Butler, Science Teacher, Wren Middle; Rachel Conlon, Math Teacher; Kimberly Kirby, Kindergarten Teacher, West Pelzer Elementary; Constance Leder, Special Education Teacher; Tommy Lee, Middle Level Math Teacher; Donna McKamy, ELA Teacher, Palmetto Middle; Katie Moody, Media Specialist, Palmetto Middle; Ross Pruitt, Science Teacher, Wren Middle.
Also: Hunter Rick, Special Education Teacher, Powdersville Middle; Jonathan Scrivner, Math Teacher, Powdersville Middle; Aaron Smith, Science Teacher, Wren High; Brandon Smith, Social Studies Teacher, Wren Middle;Ashley Steed, Math Teacher, Palmetto Middle; Amanda Squires, Media Specialist, Powdersville Middle; Hannah Grace Ward, Grade Two Teacher, Spearman Elementary.
Retirements: Wade Alexander, Social Studies Teacher, Palmetto High; Anita Antici, LD Resource Teacher, Spearman Elementary; Carol Clardy, Grade Two Teacher, Cedar Grove Elementary; Dee Davis, P.E. Teacher, Cedar Grove Elementary; Shannon Holland, ELA Teacher, Wren Middle; Deborah Hughes, Grade Two Teacher, Cedar Grove Elementary;Susan Merritt, LD Resource Teacher, Powdersville Elementary; Allison Pilgrim, Grade Seven Science Teacher, Wren Middle; Diane Teal, Science Teacher, Wren High; Suzanne Tripp, K-4 Teacher, Spearman Elementary; Tabitha Weston, Kindergarten Teacher, West Pelzer Elementary.
Administrative Retirement: David C. Havird, Superintendent.
Transfers: Kelley Golden, Grade Five Teacher, Powdersville Elementary to Grade Eight ELA Lab at Powdersville Middle.
Alexa Moon, Grade Seven ELA Teacher, Palmetto Middle to Grade Seven ELA Teacher, Powdersville Middle.
Amanda Moore, Grade Four Teacher, Powdersville Elementary to Grade Seven ELA Lab Teacher at Powdersville Middle.
Kelly Peters, Grade One Teacher, West Pelzer Elementary to Grade Six Teacher at Powdersville Middle.
Leave: Amy Gregory, Music Teacher, Concrete Primary; Langlee Morrell, ED S/C Teacher, Wren Middle; Amanda Schiltz, Math Teacher, Palmetto High; Jordonna Wilson, Learning Disabilities/Self-Contained Math Teacher, Palmetto Middle.
Resignations: Haley Cash, Grade Three Teacher, Spearman Elementary; Ginger Clary, Science Teacher, Powdersville Elementary; Bethany Crosby, Grade Three Teacher, Powdersville Elementary; Randee Dorontich, Spanish Teacher, Wren High; Will Ragland, Theatre Teacher, Palmetto High; Miranda Rhodes, Grade Three Teacher, Palmetto Elementary; Gabriela Samour, Science Teacher, Wren High.