Residential development coming to “Palmetto Station Way” – West Pelzer


By Stan Welch
West Pelzer Town Council approved a resolution renaming Donald Street from Highway 8 to its intersection with Stephanie Drive (a distance of .13 miles) to Palmetto Station Way.
The change was made at the request of Vicars Construction, a developer that has purchased land adjacent to Donald Street, and which plans to build a number of houses on the property. Eleven lots comprise the tract. Construction is expected to start this spring.
In other business, the new officers for the West Pelzer Fire Department were announced. They are as follows: Chief Lee Blackwell; Asst. Chief Justin Emery; Captain David Huff; 1st Lt. Don Spruell;2nd Lt. Jordan Smith; 3rd Lt. Brian Bell; and Safety Officers Gordon Smith and Kevin Bell.
Council also approved the user fees for the O’Dell Community Building. A refundable fifty dollar security deposit will be imposed on both residents and non-residents. A half day rental will cost fifty dollars for non-residents and twenty five dollars for residents. Non-residents will pay a hundred dollars for a full day rental, while residents will pay fifty dollars.
Rental hours are from 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Upon town attorney Carey Murphy’s advice, a clause was added to the rental contract to allow the town to refuse rental.
Councilwoman Farmer raised the question of installing flashing lights and marking of the intersections of Main, Hindman and Spring Streets. Mayor Sanders noted that SCDOT has approved such installation but the town has to budget the costs before they can proceed