Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway across Anderson County:
Building and Codes
Plan Review Staff Meetings: 1) Met with Contractor regarding Domino’s Pizza off Hwy 76. Contractor made us aware of an issue with the plans that have been approved for permitting. The building is actually rotated 180 degrees from what the actual Architectural/Engineering drawings show. The site plan drawings are correct. Revised plans to be issued.
PERMITS SUBMITTED: 5 New Single-Family Dwellings; 2 Addition/Renovation; 3 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 4 Demolition; 31 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 5 Residential Solar; 2 Commercial Including: Domino’s Pizza in Pendleton, Gas Pack Change-Out; 7 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Anderson Vegetable Stand located off Hwy 29 North, Dollar Tree in Williamston, Grace United Methodist Church Re-Model, Landers Equipment Storage located in Belton, Electrical for Little Creek RV Park Addition located in Townville, New McDonald’s located off Pearman Dairy Rd, Sign for Mountain Spring Baptist Church, ROCCO LLC Building located on Preamble Ct and various resubmittals
Development Standards
Manager met with Pickens County Officials on the completion of Hunter’s Crossing Subdivision located within Anderson and Pickens County.
Memorandum of Understanding Agreement approved by Anderson County Council on November 21, 2017
Traffic Impact Analysis Report for Sitton Hill Road Project.
Anderson County Ballard Road Hydraulic Study
McDonald’s New Restaurant located at Pearman Dairy@ Whitehall Road, Anderson.
Closet Pro Facility located at 225 Webb Road, Williamston.
Piedmont Natural Gas Project located at Brook Hollow North of E/W Parkway
TTI Signage for Outdoor Laboratory Project
Floodplain Development Permit- Brushy Creek Watershed.
Arthrex Manufacturing Facility, Sandy Springs, Pendleton
Greenpond Communications Repeater Tower (110’) located at 470 Greenpond Road, Anderson.
Ole Towne, a PD (Planned Development) Lots #21 & 27 Final approval granted.
Kingsridge Subdivision, 170 residential lots located on Sitton Hill Road, Easley
Cheshire Subdivision, 54 residential lots located on Sitton Hill Road & Three Bridges Road, Easley
Townhomes at Kingsridge, 50 townhomes proposed located on Three Bridges Road, Easley
Kingslake Subdivision, 99 residential lots located on Sitton Hill Road, Easley.
Planning Commission will (rehear) all four (4) applications at their March 2018 Meeting.
Omega Farms, setback issue
Mayfield Woods Subdivision
Inlet Pointe Subdivision
Dudley RV Park located on Clear Shores/Lake Hartwell
Group Home operating without a permit located 106 Harper Street, Williamston (owner has 30 days for compliance
Automobile shop operating without a permit located at 137 Harper Street, Williamston
Roads & Bridges
Grading Crew worked on replacing a failed culvert on Lewis Road.
Bridge Crew continued bridge replacement on Ballard Road.
Ditching Crews hauled stone to Ballard Road project; started installing new drainage at the detention center; installed driveway pipes and prepped aprons for asphalt.
Asphalt Crews worked on pothole request and started Cox Road shoulder repair.
Vegetation Crews removed hazards trees and performed trimming along County roads.
Sign Crews assisted Sheriff’s Department; Installed signs on Cox Road and Installed radar speed sign on Oak Hill Drive.
SCDOT approved the encroachment permit for the Welcome to Anderson Sign.
6 Vacancies: (4) Equipment Operators, (1) Engineering Tech. (1) Laborer.
On-Call Crews had two tree calls and sent two men for 6 hours total.
Received resubmittals for Carriage Hill and Shackleburg Farms Subdivisions.
The manager met with the Planning Commission Vice-Chair, Jane Jones, to discuss considerations related to the fencing of detention ponds.
Did you know? The state-wide Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit (NPDES) expires December 31, 2018. Anderson County must re-apply for the next permit by June 30, 2018.
Solid Waste
We will be having a Litter Clean Up day on March 3, 2018 around the Greenpond area.  We will be teaming up with Discover Anderson and Palmetto Boat Center with volunteers to pick up roads coming into the Greenpond Boat Landing.
Pickens Construction has completed the asphalt at the new Townville Convenience Center.
Environmental Enforcement has been patrolling Big Creek Rd. this week due to complaints of trash trucks littering the area.
Environmental Enforcement worked a residence on R Street this week issuing a Cleanup Order for untagged vehicle and trash in the yard.
Environmental Enforcement is working with DHEC to investigate an illegal dumping on Welcome Rd.
Negotiating with Anderson Regional Landfill on a new contract to handle Anderson County’s MSW needs.
Staff repaired the conveyor line at the MRF and added additional safety features.
Staff attended the South Carolina Litter Control Association Conference. We discussed social media, juvenile offenders, litter education, event planning and more.
Keep Anderson County Beautiful was recognized at the Keep South Carolina Beautiful Annual Conference for our Outstanding Recycling Program.  Our affiliate was awarded $500 for this accomplishment.
Did You Know? We generate 21.5 million tons of food waste each year.
Town of Iva’s running balance remains $693,432.58.
Assisted industry with questions regarding changing grease trap and permitting needs; inquiring with both Anderson County Building & Codes and SCDHEC Environmental Quality Control.
Completed monthly lab data calculations.  Reviewed and submitted Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) to SCDHEC as required by the NPDES Permit.  All parameters were in compliance with assigned limits.
ROW crew completed the CCTV inspection off of Hwy 24. We cleaned approximately 500 feet of line that had slight grease build up in it. This system was inspected due to higher than average flow into our pump station during the last rain event. We plan to install several inflow dishes inside the manholes to catch the excess storm water run-off entering into this system.
Inspected a 36 inch storm drain cross over pipe for the Town of Honea Path. The line was located under Carolina Ave. the problem appeared to be a faulty storm drain causing the roadside bank to erode covering the inlet side of the pipe.
We had 1 after hour call for boom failure at 6&20 totaling 2 hours overtime.
The pump station crew completed monthly air release valve inspections.
Did you know? That Phase II of the Five Mile sewer line replacement will begin March 1st. The existing sewer line was installed in 1976 and is one of Anderson County’s oldest sewer lines. The Five Mile sewer line serves the West Side and HWY 76 areas of Anderson County. The existing sewer line is currently an 18 inch sewer main that has reached its full capacity and is deteriorated from old age. Phase two of the new sewer main will be a 30 inch main that can handle the existing flow and allow for future growth. The Five Mile sewer line replacement could potentially consist of five phases before complete.

Animal Shelter
Saved 95% of the animals in our care this week.
INTAKES:  130 (11 owner surrender, 5 return adoptions, 76 from animal control, 35 strays, 3 transfer)
OUTCOMES: 65 animals adopted, 1 died, 5 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 1 animal were owner requested euthanasia, 21 were returned to their owners and 26 were sent to rescue and one escaped.
Clinic performed 102 spay/neuter surgeries.
There are currently 175 large dogs, 12 small dogs, 14 puppies, 19 cats and 14 kittens in the facility.
Out of the 162 animals available for adoption 144 (89%) are currently altered.
There are 8 dogs being held for court.
Calhoun Academy of the Arts brought their first grade class to read to the dogs.
Kuranda Beds (raised cots) were purchased from donations for all of the dogs at the shelter.  They now have a soft raised bed in their kennels.
Mason Kennel Company repaired over $25,000 worth of damage to the large dog kennels.  This was done at no cost to PAWS and the kennels look brand new.
PAWS received $985.18 in cash donations.