West Pelzer to look at two budgets – one with Pelzer, one without


By David Meade
During their meeting Tuesday, West Pelzer Town Council approved a contractor for work on the O’Dell Community Center, approved funding for Main Street safety and discussed purchasing a new police vehicle.
Clerk Paula Payton reported a leaf and limb pickup will be held April 21. Leaves must be bagged and limbs cut to four feet.
The PBA Easter Egg Hunt will be held March 24 in Mineral Spring Park in Williamston.
Westy’s Vintage Market will hold their second outdoor event on Saturday, April 28.
Payton reported 24 work orders were completed in Feb. for West Pelzer.
The RDA sewer project update showed Arthur Davis and Spring Street stations operating and contractors are in the final stages of clean up and fence installation.
The project was delayed some by the weather, Payton said.
The REWA rate increase became effective with the February billing. There is an increase of $1 on the base charge and 25 cents on usage. The monthly base fee increased to $12. Volume charges changed to $5.86 per 1000 gallons for residential and $5.57 per 1000 gallons for commercial.
Payton said a paving request has been submitted to the Anderson County Transportation Committee.
The Public Works Department completed 33 work orders in February for Pelzer and 10 meters were replaced.
A council budget workshop will be held on March 13 at 7 p.m.
Bids by Ennis Contractor ($9,300)and Hudson Electrical ($2442) were approved for work on the O’Dell Community Center.
Work is to include interior work, toilet, and ADA ramp. The work will help make the facility usable and available for restrooms for people using Chapman Park, Mayor Blake Sanders said.
The project is being funded through a $15,000 PARD grant with the town providing $2,500 from the Hospitality tax fund.
Council also approved funding of $5500 for two solar radar signs to be placed at the intersection of Hindman and Main St., crosswalk striping and a removable pedestrian sign.
Council heard a proposal from Police Chief Christopher Brewer to purchase a new Dodge Charger police vehicle at a cost of $29,900. Some of the cost will be covered with insurance check for $7,052 for a car that was totaled due to a damage associated with Hurricane Irma. The town was also planning to allot $10,000 for vehicle replacement this year, the chief said.
The 2017 Dodge Charger, fully equipped for police service, will be purchased through the state procurement.
The Town is also checking with Duke Energy about replacing streetlights along Main St. with a brighter white LED light. The new lights will cost the town more each month, Sanders said.
West Pelzer is also looking at the public works department and considering options.
According to Sanders, Pelzer officials are considering other options and may pull out of the joint agreement for a joint water and sewer department with West Pelzer.
He said the departments were combined to save the cost of adding an additional employee and that it opened up a partnership between West Pelzer and Pelzer.
According to Sanders, Pelzer officials are looking to Williamston to provide some of the services.
“We had the foresight to look at what would happen if that happens,” Sanders said.
“We will have to remove an employee and stand on our own.”
Sanders said Pelzer and West Pelzer had discussed adding some services such as leaf and limb pickup, but Pelzer may go with someone else.
“We will have a self sustaining department and city without the help of neighboring towns,” Sanders said.
He said the partnership opened up possibilities that had not been there for over 100 years. “We proved it could work and benefit everyone,” the mayor said.
Sanders said he will present two budgets at the budget worksession next week, one with Pelzer included and one without.
The budget worksession will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 13.