Pelzer – No deal in place for providing services from other towns



By Stan Welch
The Pelzer Town Council met Tuesday night and conducted its routine business. The agenda was amended to allow the Council to vote on whether or not to purchase eighteen radio read water meters, at a cost of thirty six hundred dollars. The vote to approve the purchase was unanimous.
The Council also voted to decline taking responsibility for a road currently on property owned by the Pelzer Heritage Commission. Town attorney Jimmy King’s opinion on the issue was succinct. “You don’t want that. The town is eventually going to have to start maintaining and taking care of its own roads. There is no point adding to that burden.” The Council unanimously agreed.
Mayor Roger Scott gave an update on the town’s sewer upgrade project. He stated that the town still owed the contractor J&M money, which they planned to withhold until all issues are settled. “Those of you with complaints about the condition your property or the roads are in should contact the town hall to make your concerns known. We will go over all these things with J&M before we release the final monies.”
Councilwoman Olene Bear informed the audience that a cleanup effort would take place at the Monkey Park at nine a.m. Saturday morning. She asked for volunteers and for yard maintenance tools to be provided by citizens. The cleanup is slated to be an all day affair.
Mayor Scott made a point of reminding the crowd that, while he and the Council are talking with other towns’ representatives about possible cooperative efforts, there is no deal in place, other than with West Pelzer. “We have an agreement with West Pelzer concerning maintenance and public works activities in our town. That arrangement can be ended by either party with thirty days’ notice, but at this time, that agreement remains in force.”
“I know you have all heard rumors to the contrary. Those rumors are false. Also, annexation is not an issue. We are Pelzer and we are going to remain Pelzer.” He added that the ACSO substation, to be located at the town hall, is in the works. “The Sheriff’s people will install their own computer equipment. When that will be I do not know, but it is in the works.”
The Council then voted to go into executive session concerning some contractual issues, but took no votes or actions afterwards.