Anderson County adds 588 jobs in March


Employment and labor force numbers for Anderson County reached record numbers in March as 588 jobs were added during the month, according to figures released by S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce.
The Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) report for March 2018 shows Anderson County’s employment at 86,988. That figure represents an all-time high in the number of employed county residents, besting the previous record of 86,930 reported in September of 2017. In addition, the county’s labor force reached a record high of 90,441, surpassing the previous high mark of 90,333 set it June 2017. The county’s unemployment rate for March was measured 3.8%.
“All the work we’ve put into building a solid manufacturing base is allowing us now to take advantage of a booming regional economy”, said Anderson County Council Chairman Tommy Dunn. “It is critical that we sustain our economic development program, so we can continue to ensure our citizens will have good jobs with good wages.”
The LAUS report also showed the total number of employed Anderson County residents has increased by 1,012 since March 2017.
The LAUS report for March 2018 can be accessed here:’s-employment-situation-march-2018