Anderson County approves 15 year solid waste contract – with Waste Connections


Following a long period of negotiations, Anderson County Council unanimously approved a fifteen year solid waste contract with Waste Connections.
District Seven Councilwoman, whose district contains the Anderson Regional Landfill, and chairperson of the planning and public works committee, roundly endorsed the final contract. She stressed the work done by county staff, including solid waste director Greg Smith and County Attorney Leon Harmon, as well as involved Cheddar residents and other parties in crafting the contract which addresses a number of public concerns, including traffic issues and truck routes, buzzard control, noise control and the implementation of litter and beautification programs.
She also pointed out that a citizen’s advisory board will soon be established to continue to address issues as they arise. The base rate per ton dropped from the thirty dollar range to twenty three dollars and ninety cent per ton for Anderson County’s solid waste. Four per cent increases will occur in the sixth and eleventh year of the contract.
Wilson also reported that the county will be disposing of three former convenience centers. The old Slabtown site will be transferred to the Three and Twenty Fire Department, while the old Jockey Lot site and the Harris Bridge Road site will be sold to the highest bidder.
The upcoming county budget occupied a good portion of the meeting Tuesday night, as District Two Councilwoman Gracie Floyd announced that she will be meeting with a series of department heads in person to receive their input on their budget needs. “I do this every year, and I always invite you all. So far, none of you have joined me, but you are welcome to once again this year.”
District Three Councilman and chairman of the public safety committee Ray Graham reported on some budget cuts he anticipated, including seventy thousand dollars worth of equipment needed in the detention center. “I think we can hold off on that until we get the report on the detention center situation. If we end up having to build a new one, we can incorporate the equipment in the new design.”