Fire Commissioner helps man from burning truck


By Stan Welch
Most members of appointed government commissions and boards seldom experience hands on involvement in the day to day actions of those various agencies.
Last Friday, Glenn Holliday, Fire District One commissioner and current chairman of the Anderson County Fire Commission, got just such experience, and almost certainly saved a man’s life in the process.
Three and Twenty Fire Chief Tom Keaton contacted The Journal to share the story. “Chairman Holliday was the first person on the scene after this ninety six year old man ran his truck off of Old Mill Road Friday afternoon. The call came in about 5:30 Friday. “
“Mr. Holliday checked on the gentleman and found him somewhat disoriented. He then stepped away to call 911 and noticed fire beneath the truck. So he literally pulled the man out of the truck and to a safe distance. By the time we arrived, the truck was fully involved. We sure wouldn’t have been in time to save that man.”
Holliday, when contacted for his response, said that he certainly wasn’t strong enough by himself to achieve the rescue. “The strength of God came into me,” said Holliday, who is seventy four years old. “Neither of us was injured, although EMS did transport the man to a hospital to be checked out. “
Holliday is in his twenty fourth year on the fire commission.