Board meeting moved to Palmetto High Auditorium


The Anderson School District One Board will hold a special called meeting Wednesday, May 9 at 6 p.m. to hear comments from the public and receive legal advice regarding an incident at Palmetto High School last week which resulted in the resignation of highly regarded math teacher Lisa Houston. The meeting has been moved from the District One office on Hamilton Street to the Palmetto High Auditorium.

School District One Board Chair Nancy Upton said she Tuesday evening she could not comment on the teacher incident because it is a personnel issue but she felt the need to have a called meeting of the Board to let the community express feelings about the situation. She also made the decision to move the meeting from the District Office to Palmetto High School because of the interest by the community.

Upton said there is a process the District goes by when a teacher is hired, transferred or resigns, where the Superintendent makes a recommendation to the Board pending Board approval. She said the Board members will hear comments from citizens for a limited amount of time and then will go into executive session to hear legal advice.

Upton said after hearing the legal presentation and returning to open session she doesn’t know what will happen. The Board could take action, have discussion or not.

“Sometimes as a community we forget who is affected by this,” Upton said. “In this district first it is the children.”