Houston to return to the classroom in the fall


The Anderson School District One Board of Trustees and Administration, along with Lisa Houston, announced that they have reached a resolution regarding the incident involving Houston’s interactions with a student in the classroom that were captured on a video and released to the press through social media.

Houston has been offered her job back and will return to the classroom at Palmetto High in the fall.

Anderson School District One and Ms. Houston issued the following joint statement on Friday (May 25):

The Anderson School District One Board of Trustees and administration are pleased to have Ms. Houston return to her teaching position at Palmetto High School in the fall. Ms. Houston acknowledges that the video, when viewed without audio and the benefit of context, could be misconstrued; however, her actions were meant to be a light-hearted exchange with a student with whom she had an excellent relationship.

The District believes that Ms. Houston’s actions toward the student bore no ill intent and recognizes that Ms. Houston has had a long standing, distinguished teaching career with the District. Both the District and Ms. Houston respect and value the student involved in this matter and his family and appreciate the manner in which they have responded to this situation. The District appreciates Ms. Houston’s cooperation in reaching this resolution. Ms. Houston appreciates the support of the Board and administration in working through the issues and resolving them constructively. Both the District and Ms. Houston are happy with this outcome and look forward to a smooth ending to the school year that will allow Palmetto High School students to remain the proper focus.