Piedmont developer meets with citizens


By Troy Bennett
The Piedmont redevelopment committee held a public meeting, Saturday, June 9, with citizens and community leaders to discuss plans for the redevelopment of down town Piedmont.
Developer Larry Webb spoke to a packed crowd inside the Rowell Club Room of the Piedmont Community Building, about plans to redevelop the Old Piedmont Mercantile Store Building.
Webb said the old building will be restored to former beauty it had when it was originally built. He said his architects were working “at full speed” with reconstruction plans.
Webb projected that the project should be completed in about 18 months. Once completed, the building will be available for retail shops, office space and a coffee shop, he said.
Webb said a number of businesses and companies have already approached him about renting space in the building.
According to Webb, the project will include a park with trees, sidewalks and parking spaces.
The developer also spoke about how both Greenville and Anderson Counties were coming together to get funds for the restoration of the old foot bridge that once connected the two mills, so it can become a historical land mark.
Webb also addressed the future of the Saluda River that runs into Piedmont. He said plans are being made for kayaking, canoeing and rafting from the Dolly Cooper Park in Powdersville to Piedmont.
He said a docking ramp is also in the plans to allow people who come down the Saluda to dock and visit Piedmont.
Refreshments for the event were provided by Angela Boggs of the redevelopment committee.

Developer Larry Webb speaks during a meeting held Saturday at the Piedmont Community Building. Webb is planning a re-development project that could change downtown Piedmont.

Members of the Piedmont Development Committee met with residents and developer Larry Webb recently to hear Webb’s plans for redeveloping downtown Piedmont. Pictured are: Angela Boggs, Dianne Boiter, Betty White (Secretary), Anne Peden (President), Charlie Garrison (Treasurer) Larry Webb (Developer) and Pam Webb. (Photo by Troy Bennett)