West Pelzer denies mobile home variances, plans for referendum on Sunday alcohol


By David Meade
During the meeting Tuesday, West Pelzer Town Council denied a request for a zoning variance for a mobile home park and approved a request by the police department to sell two decommissioned patrol vehicles.
The West Pelzer Planning Commission recommended the town not approve three requests for variances for a mobile home park in the town owned by Jerry and Beverly Atkins.
Zoning Commission Chair David Odom said the commission unanimously agreed that the town’s current ordinance is there to improve the town and a variance in the ordinance would not be in the best interest of the future of the town.
“We voted not to approve due to the work you guys already started and felt that approving it would be a step back,” Odom told the council.
The town’s current ordinance allows doublewides newer than five years old to be brought into the town.
The first request for variance was to allow a single wide to be brought in.
The second request for variance was to allow an alternative to the ordinance requirement for solid skirting of brick, stone or other masonry material.
The third request for variance would have allowed the number of units in the park to be increased from 13 to 27. The current ordinance sets the density of eight units per acre.
Councilman Donnie Jeanes said, “Since we decided to clean the town up and that is the reason they (the planning commission) denied the requests,” he was not in favor of it.
The vote was 3-0 with Mayor Blake Sanders recusing due to a family member making an offer. Councilman Johnny Rogers was not present.
Mayor Sanders said the town’s budget had been revised to show a reduction in income and related expenses due to the Town of Pelzer being removed from the joint public works agreement.
Sanders said he has spoken with Anderson County Council Representative Cindy Wilson about paving and said he was told there was no road funding in the county budget, however the county will work with the town on a match for C-funds.
The mayor said a local paving company will be used to make minor repairs on some streets. He said the cost will be approximately $2000 and the county will reimburse them.
The mayor also said that Marguerite, James and Bellview Streets are scheduled to be paved in 2018-19.
West Pelzer Police Chief Chris Brewer asked council to allow him to place out for bid two police patrol vehicles.
The vehicles are a green 2000 Ford Crown Vic with over 180,000 miles (minimum bid $450) and the other a tan 2003 Crown Vic with over 200,000 miles (minimum bid $750). Both have been maintained by the Anderson County Fleet Shop but are in need of some repairs, Chief Brewer said. Sealed bids will be accepted until Sept. 4 and opened at the Sept. 5 meeting of council.
West Pelzer is also planning to place Sunday sale of alcohol on a referendum for the town. Town Attorney Carey Murphy recommended the council approved first reading on an ordinance to allow the sale of beer and wine and allow consumption on Sunday. Anderson County has already held first t reading and was expected to hold second reading Tuesday night, he said.
Murphy said he was not sure whether the wording in the county ordinance included all municipalities in the county or just the unincorporated part of the county.
Regardless the town should have a referendum vote on the issue, he said.
Murphy said some minor changes were being made in the wording and that the ordinance and referendum are specific to state law. He said he still has some questions for the Department of Revenue specific to West Pelzer.
The issue will be voted on by referendum in November by all county residents.
Council unanimously approved first reading and it will be brought up for second reading at the next meeting.
During their comments, Councilmember Vicky Farmer asked that truck traffic at Hyman St. and Park St. be looked at.
Councilman Jeanes apologized for not being present for several recent council meetings, and said that things seem to be doing smoothly.
Mayor Sanders said approximately 300 people attended the recent Dog Days of Summer event which had 30 dogs in it.
Several events are planned in the town including the Mile Long Community yard Sale, a Beards and Biceps event and a West Pelzer Centennial celebration.