Pelzer developer encouraged by progress on ordinances


By Stan Welch
The progress made by Pelzer in resolving some of the issues associated with county enforcement of ordinances within the town limits has improved the circumstances surrounding some of the potential investors in the proposed development of the former mills sites, according to Richard Greer, of Upstate Investors.
Greer, who has also served as a consultant and advisor to the town in recent months, said that the steps taken to enable county enforcement of certain ordinances shows a commitment by the town towards change, and he and the possible investors are very encouraged. Greer added that a local magistrate has agreed to participate in enforcing the appropriate ordinances.
The town council adopted several sections of the county code of ordinances earlier this year, only to learn that their perception of the county’s commitment to enforce those ordinances might have been overestimated. Since then, through additional discussions with the county, and a clarification of just what enforcement might entail, the county has agreed to a greater role in the process.
Greer said that many of the challenges faced by the town resulted from essentially having to start the town administration from scratch at the first of the year. “Those folks had a real mess on their hands, and I think they have done pretty well for just eight months. There have been some missteps, but the town administration is also reaching out to the Appalachian Council of Government, as well as to other resources for professional guidance. That too is very encouraging.”
Greer said that partly as a result of those recent developments, several significant prospects have come forward, both in Pelzer and in Piedmont, where Greer’s company also has contracted to help development efforts there. “We plan to make some very big announcements in the coming months. There is a great deal of work still to be done, but the potential is just outstanding,” said Greer.