Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway across the county:

Building and Codes
·       PERMITS SUBMITTED: 12 Single-Family Dwellings; 1 Duplex; 2 Addition/Renovation; 5 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 1 Residential Swimming Pool; 14 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 2 Residential Solar; 6 Commercial Including: Norfolk Place Apartments Building B, Norfolk Place Apartments Building C, E&I Engineering Expansion Revision, Electrical Service for Irrigation, Electrical for Charter Communication, First Quality-Control UP; 5 Mobile Home permits including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
·       DRAWINGS SUBMITTED:  Anderson Mini-Storage Re-Build located off Hwy 178, New Dollar General off Dobbins Bridge Rd, Smokin Pig Exterior Remodel located off Hwy 81 N and Various Resubmittals
Development Standards
o   Michelin Health Center Site Analysis
o   McDougald Funeral Home- S. Mechanic Street, Anderson
o   The Standard Funeral & Cremation Center located on Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson
o   Parrimer Scientific located at 221-B Cooper Lane
o   New Spring Church Outdoor Event
o   Sullivan’s Hills, a PD, (Planned Development) Lots 72, 85
o   Direct Rep Services located at 24 Ione Circle, Williamston
o   Hunter’s Crossing Final Approval Granted
o   St. Andrews Development located on Old Williamston Road
o   Hunt Meadows Phase I (Bond Renewal)
o   Pennington Farms
o   Chimney Hills
o   Highway 29 & Cox Road PD (Planned Development)
o   Anderson Family Dollar located on Whitehall Road, Anderson
o   Commercial Automotive site located at 206 Welcome Road.
o   Illegal signage removed from Three Bridges/Powdersville
Fleet Services
·       Closed 122 work orders for the week.
·       Fuel Prices: Unleaded: $2.25‘!E20 $2.19‘!, Diesel $2.46
·       The Sheriff’s office received 6 new chargers this week.  They are in the pre-delivery stage.
·       Position open: Diesel Mechanic
·       Weekly Fleet Availability:    90.60%
· To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
Roads & Bridges
·       Vegetation Crews worked on cleaning tree debris from roadways and shoulders of road. Mowing Crews continued to mow right-of-way
·       Grading Crew finished Fox Trail Road and Old Mill Rd shoulder improvement and staged for Hurricane Florence.
·       Ditching and Pipe Crews worked on routine drainage and driveway pipe maintenance requests, assisted Parks and Rec. Dept. removing stone and dirt from Green Pond Boat Ramp, and assisted Town of Honea Path with request.
·       Asphalt Crews completed routine driveway apron and pothole requests.
·       Sign Shop performed routine maintenance on road signs.
·       Bridge Crew began clearing at Shiloh Church Rd West bridge
·       Several locates completed for contractors via SC811.
·       Traffic Studies completed on a few different roads.
·       On-call crew received 6 after-hours call-outs for a total of approximately 17 man-hours: 6 fallen trees.
Solid Waste
·       Shred Day on September 29th at the Balloon Launch Field at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center from 10am until 1pm.
·       Assisted Roads and Bridges during the Hurricane Florence event with tree debris.
·       SCDHEC approved 5 additional storage sites for tree and limb debris due to the significance of Hurricane Florence. They are approved for emergency events.
·       Staff attended preparations, After Action Review and FEMA Reimbursement meetings this week in dealing with Hurricane Florence.
·       The Anderson County Detention Center picked up 1376 bags of litter and 129 tires in August 2018. They picked up 903 bags of litter and 18 tires in July 2018. They covered 41.5 miles during this time.  We appreciate their efforts in cleaning up litter.
·       Provided the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center and Meals on Wheels with a 40-yard container and 40 55-gallon blue barrels for the Meals on Wheels Oyster Roast on September 22, 2018.
·       Delivered trash bags and gloves to Westside High School for their Adopt-a-Spot Cleanup on Michelin Boulevard. They do quarterly cleanups along this road during the school year.
·       Clemson University Swim Team had 21 complete a cleanup along Dobbins Bridge Road and Monitor Drive.
·       Completed and submitted promotional approval for the DHEC Waste Oil Grant to print new recycling magnets and newspaper ads.
·       Picked up 95-gallon roll carts and a 40-yard container that was used for trash services for the Greek Festival held at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center.
·       Provided 95-gallon roll carts and picked up litter at Greenpond for the ABA Couples National Championship.
·       Environmental Enforcement educated resident on covering their loads at the White Street, Whitefield and Carswell Convenience Centers.
·       Environmental Enforcement continued to work on cleaning up a property on Welcome Rd. The resident finished cleaning it up this week.
·       We have 1 inmate for the convenience centers and 2 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
·       Did You Know? Presence of litter in a community decreases property values by a little over 7%.
·       Broadway Lake’s water level was lowered approximately 18 inches in anticipation of Hurricane Florence. The gates were closed Sunday morning and the level is returning to its normal height.
·       Reviews were conducted for Poly-Med Expansion (1st) and Michelin Health Center (1st).
·       Pre-cons were held and approvals issued for Anderson Storage and Richard Kay Superstore.
·       James Lake and the Enclave at Airy Springs permits were terminated.
·       The ROW crew cut the 5 Mile line from New Prospect Church Rd. to Centerville Rd.; Michelin line; Cobbs Glen; Cox Rd. to Old Williamston Rd.; Long Rd. to Rivendell; and Glen Raven line.
·       All discharge parameters for 6&20 WWTP met permit specifications for the month of August. The 6&20 Plant achieved 99.2% Total Solids removal.
·       Transferred all influent andprocess wastewater to aeration and clarifier #2. New diffusers were installed in aeration #2 for better dissolved oxygen during treatment. The boom on clarifier #1 will be serviced and ready to use if necessary.
·       Conducted a tour of the 6&20 WWTP for 18 students from Southern Wesleyan University. These students are studying Environmental Science and Biology. This tour counted as a lab class for the students.
·       Anderson County Staff had a pre-construction meeting with two contractors regarding new sewer install for two new restaurants off Highway 76. The meetings were to insure that the new installations would comply with Anderson County’s standards.
·       Revised drawings for the Arthrex development have been implemented and the contractor is working on installing the pipe and manholes to their new grades. The reason for the revision is while installing contractor discovered a conflict regarding a storm water collection system that was already installed on site.
·       Completed review and update of Right-of Way/Sewer Line Maintenance Section (8 SOPs) of SOP Manual.  Updated 4 existing SOPs and added 4 new ones.


Animal Shelter
·       We were able to save 96% of the animals in our care this week.
·       INTAKES:  178 (11 owner surrender, 2 return adoptions, 47 from animal control, 62 strays and 56 transferred in).
·       OUTCOMES: 50 animals adopted, 1 died, 7 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 1 animal was owner requested euthanasia, 67 were returned to their owners (8 stray, 59 diversions)  and 35 were sent to rescue.
·       Clinic performed 129 spay/neuter surgeries.
·       Currently 130 large dogs, 10 small dogs, 8 puppies, 43 cats and 60 kittens in the facility.
·       7 animals being held for court.
·       153 animals available for adoption. 61 of those have already been altered (40%).
·       PAWS received $460.65 cash donations, $210.00 in donations for the Dog Park.
·       PAWS took in 48 animals from Chesterfield and Aston Counties.  Both of these shelters flooded due to Hurricane Florence.
·       Did you know? That chocolate is bad for dogs but grapes, macadamia nuts, xylitol (common in gum) and avocados are also toxic!