Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents recently:
Sept. 11 – Brandon L. Floyd, 11 A St., Williamston reported an unknown person pried an unknown object into his door which is preventing him from being able to insert the key into it. Damage was estimated at $25. Sgt. M. Eddleman investigated.
Sept. 11 – Marvin Wayne Turner, 59, 118 W. 3rd St. Williamston was arrested for disturbing the peace after officers responded to a domestic situation between two brothers. According to reports, Turner was being loud and boisterous while using profanity. While questioning both parties, turner continued to use profanity and to be loud. He was arrested for disturbing the peace and transported to ACDC without incident. K. Anthony investigated.
Sept. 13 – ACE Hardware, 29 Pelzer Ave., Williamston reported a shoplifting incident in which a person in the store was switching tags from cheaper items and trying to check out. According to reports, the white female suspect approached the counter with a buggy full of items including a purse bag which had another bag inside of it. Clothes in the buggy had tags on them that came off of different items of lesser value. The suspect left the store buying only an ICEE. Charges may be sought through warrants from a judge pending review of video footage from the store’s surveillance. K. Anthony investigated.
Sept. 15 – Samantha Leigh Pinyon, 26, 3333 N. Hwy. 29, Belton was issued a summons for driving under suspension after a vehicle was observed flashing its headlights at passing cars on Anderson Drive. A traffic stop was initiated at Anderson Drive and Claran Drive during which Central Dispatch advised that the tag and driver’s license were both suspended. R. Maxwell investigated.
Sept. 16 – Johnnie Ray Shaw, 67, reported a white 1996 Honda Civic with red wheels, skinny tires and a loud tuner exhaust stolen from 1 Pine Lane, Williamston. The vehicle was valued at $5000. Additional information was needed to determine the status of the vehicle, which belongs to Ronnie Matthew Ellison. B. K. Creel, C. C. Brown investigated.
Sept. 17 – Little Caesars, 310 E. Main St., Williamston reported the business had received counterfeit money. T. L. Eichelberger investigated.
Sept. 17 – William Christopher Guthrie, 29, 402 E. First St., Ext., reported a larceny in which items valued at $100 were taken. No additional information reported. T. L. Eichelberger investigated.
Sept. 18 – Ashley Dorsey, 7 W. Third St., Williamston reported 12,000 gallons of water stolen from her residence between Aug. 15 and Sept. 18. Reports state the water was taken from a hose pipe in the back of the house while she was out of town. R. Maxwell, D. D. Morgan investigated.
Sept. 21 – Michael Todd Pridmore, 49, 22 Thomas Drive, Williamston was arrested for drug violations, failure to stop for a blue light and driving under suspension after a white Honda was observed on North Hamilton with no operating tail lights. While attempting to stop the vehicle, it continued on Palmetto Road, left onto Hwy. 8, over Hwy. 29 and made a left into Snider Fleet Solutions. During a search of the vehicle, officers found a crystal like substance believed to be methamphetamine. R. Maxwell investigated.
Sept. 24 – Joshua Lee Antone, 42, 565 Joe Black Rd., Pelzer was issued a summons for driving under suspension after a black Ford F-150 was observed on Williams St,. with a headlight out. The tag came back to a different vehicle. He was issued a warning for the headlight. D. D. Morgan investigated.