Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
Oct. 11 – Animal control returned a white and black bulldog mix to a residence at 305 W. Main St. after the dog followed a female to a nearby home. Officer made contact with a male subject at the residence who removed the animal and placed it on a lead. He stated the owner was not currently home and was advised to inform the owner that he could be subject to a fine of up to $1097.50 for running at large if the offense should occur again. Sgt. M. Eddleman investigated.
Oct. 8 – Debra Crump, 61, 110 Gossett Dr,. Apt. #B2 reported that an unknown subject opened an account in her name and acquired multiple loans through Wise Loan Company without her authorization. The loan company direct drafted $645 from her Sun Trust banking account on May 25, $338 on July 3, $276 on Aug. 3, $475 on Aug. 9, $276.87 on Sept. 4, $145.12 on Aug. 31 and $287.62 on Oct. 3. The incident remains under investigation. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Oct. 13 – Rodney Dale McCall, 53, 532 College St, #4, Central reported being concerned that bags thrown into a ditch on W. First St., may contain the remnants of a meth lab. Reports state a vehicle was observed driving away after throwing out the bags. Upon investigation, three of the five bags contained leaves and others had plastic bottles and yard grass clippings. The fifth bag had a clear tube that had white tape and a pink in color siphon tube. The end of the tube tested positive for methamphetamine. There was nothing that would help identify the owner of the bags and it did not require clean up. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Oct. 13 – Desterian Alexander Kelly, 23, 126 W. First St., Williamston was arrested for possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct after officers returned to 126 W. First St., due to a disturbance. Kelly was arrested after being warned twice and then began to cuss while officers were on the scene. He was transported to ACDC without incident. R. Maxwell investigated.
Oct. 15 – Quick Time Cash reported a break-in incident. No additional information reported. B. K. Creel investigated.
Oct. 17 – PapaJohns Pizza, 14 Beaverdam Rd., Williamston reported two customers were placing online orders with credit cards and would later dispute the charges from the restaurant. According to reports, the restaurant had multiple online orders that were delivered and some of the card transactions were declined. The store has lost approximately $700 over the past few months. The incident remains under investigation. C. C. Brown, R. Drennon investigated.
Oct. 17 – Matthew Dean Bell, 48, 507 Forest Ln. Belton was issued a summons for driving under suspension after a black Hyundai was observed on Hamilton St. traveling at 48 mph in a 35 mph zone. He was issued a warning for speeding. D. Morgan investigated.
Oct. 21 – John Marin Ross, 51, 413 Lindley Rd., Piedmont reported clothes taken from an unlocked car while parked at the Fast Fuel, 207 W. Main St. in Williamston. The items were valued at $200 and included blue jeans, shirts, socks and a blanket. B. K. Creel investigated.
Oct. 21 – Jason Tyler Sweet, 29, 215 Mauldin St,. Williamston was arrested for interfering with an officer and impeding traffic and outstanding warrant. He was transported to ACDC without incident. Res. R. Caldwell investigated.